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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Laments of a Writer wit' a Wandering Soul

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely -- Lord Acton

MalSia is blessed with wonderful natural resources
But a resourcefool regime under a clueless CEO
Has rendered it to descend towards absurdity
and dictatorship
The country is almost arriving at the edge of the Cliff
DEsi waited and waited
as the clouds over Putrajaya turned dark to darker to darkest
and beyond blackness can describe, yet
That evil Emperor continues to fiddle

not just with  rich MalSia's multifaceted instruments
that should have rendered The Rakyat proud
as they celebrate ethnic festivals with drums
flutes, tamborines and trumpets some made of  bamboo 

A nation once dignified 
showcasing tiger and lion dances 
to the whole wide world, too

But a clueless CEO has made MalSians the Laughing Stock of the World
Again and again
The CEO thinks he's such a respected world figure
Some Aladdin's creature from Arabia
would suddenly transfer 2,600,000,000 dinars to
His almighty bank accounts (not Desi's blardy hell, a curse went up from a childish VOice from among the 26-million roaring crowd singin' praises the Emperors' new gold-, silver- and platinum plated clothes gifted by the wifey... )

TO BE CUNTinued if Desi doesn't die from swallowing his own VOmits&spits .....

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