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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

An Ode to Mark the Eve of Two Landmark Events -- One Historical, one Personal

YES, tomorrow is Desiderata-YL Chong's 11th birthday
How time flies at the Midnight Voices' abode I name my cyber home
I offer ye -- my ER, 4seteemdreader -- endless rounds of tehTARI'
If you care to join my banter and tea&leg pulling

If you have not heard of the other historic landmark event
famously associated with the Ides of March in Roman history
Thou art no friend of mine, in the mind of Desiderata
For I've quoted often enough from The Bard's JULIUS CAESAR
(My party leader now jailed unjustly in Sungai Buluh too --
I mean he also quotes Shakespeare often; 
DSAI even stated that he
read the Complete Works of Shakespeare during the last imprisonment on trumped up charges...Sorry I digress, but tha's the funD part of being a BUMmer, you can BUM around and you can Digress,!) 

(To be continued after my socialist BF OK!

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