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Friday, October 24, 2014

WHY more people are learning the Chinese language, WHILE...

in Malaysia some quarters are calling for the vernacular schools -- those using Chinese or Tamil as the main medium of instruction -- to be closed down! Here's from yahoo!

Here’s Why Mark Zuckerberg Studies Chinese Every Day

mark zuckerberg
Justin Sullivan/Getty
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is learning Mandarin Chinese.
Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Wednesday.
To the delight and amazement of the crowd, he spoke in Mandarin Chinese.
“I’m very glad to be in Beijing,” he said to the group. “I love this city. My Chinese is really a mess, but I study using Chinese every day.”
Students and faculty cheered, the New York Times reports.
The Facebook CEO was holding court in Beijing because he just signed onto the advisory board of Tsinghua University, which is basically the Yale of China.
In a half hour talk — which you can watch in the video below — Zuckerberg talked about what Facebook is doing in China, his view of Chinese innovation, and why he is studying Chinese.
First off, his wife Priscilla Chan’s family speaks Chinese. Evidently her grandma was “very shocked” when he told her in Chinese that the two of them were getting married.
On the business end, he says that studying Chinese helps him to understand the culture.
Facebook has long sought to break into China and get to its 1.3 billion citizens, 45.8% of whom are currently internet users, a number that’s going to continue increasing. But China keeps Facebook, Twitter, and their peers out of the country for fear of how social networks might spur unrest.
The Times reports that when Zuckerberg was asked what Facebook’s plans for China were, he took two big gulps of water before providing a response.
“We’re already in China,” he said, cracking up the room. “We help Chinese companies increase foreign customers; they use Facebook ads to find more customers.” 
Rick Wilking/Reuters
Zuckerberg says he’s learning Chinese to connect with the family of his wife, Priscilla Chan.
There is one last reason he’s studying Mandarin.
“I like challenges,” he said.
Considering the achievements of the 30-year-old billionaire, this isn’t too surprising and may reflect the psychology behind his success. The fact that Zuckerberg is studying Chinese — a notoriously difficult language to pick up in adulthood — may be an outgrowth of his mindset.
By studying the language every day, he knows that with effort he can improve. That growth mindsetwhere you take effort, rather than talent, to be the driver of your progress — has been identified by developmental psychologist Carol Dweck as a predictor of success in relationships, academics, and business
Here’s the video. 

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REFERENCE to malaymail.nline report:)~~~~

October 7, 2014

Ti Lian Ker
(Malay Mail Online) – An Umno leader targeted by MCA after calling for the Umno general assembly to discuss abolishing the Chinese vernacular school system, has warned the Chinese party to “mind its own business”.
Petaling Jaya Utara Umno division deputy chief Mohamad Azli Mohemed Saad said that MCA should work to win back Chinese voters, instead of interfering in Barisan Nasional (BN) lynchpin party’s affairs.
“(Ti) Lian Ker (pic) needs to shut his mouth as MCA candidates only win the elections because of Malay voters, not Chinese voters. Lian Ker has no locus standi as the Chinese have rejected MCA,” Mohamed Azli was quoted saying in media reports today.
“There is no need to teach us in Umno as to what can and cannot be debated. No need to be nosy around Umno’s affairs, go and do that with the DAP instead,” he added.
Mohamad Azli then reiterated his claim that Chinese vernacular education was a hotbed of discontent against the establishment that was tapped by opposition parties.
The Umno leader’s remark previously drew rebuke from the MCA religious harmony bureau chairman as well as Ti’s party colleagues.
An MCA leader also lodged a police report accusing Mohamed Azli of sedition.
Ti had previously said that Mohamad Azli’s proposal violated the Federal Constitution and contradicted BN’s policy of allowing Malaysians to study in their mother tongue.
He also reminded Mohamad Azli that the late Sabah Umno MP Datuk Mark Koding was charged with sedition in 1978 for calling for the closure of Chinese and Tamil schools. He was convicted four years later.
On October 5, Mohamad Azli was reported by dailies Mingguan Malaysia and New Sunday Times (NST) as saying that the upcoming annual Umno meeting in November should discuss abolishing the Chinese vernacular school system as it purportedly promotes racism and anti-establishment sentiments.
In the same report, Mohamad Azli was quoted saying that the government should also mull raising the intake of Malay and Indian students and teachers in Chinese schools to 60 per cent.
Vernacular schools continue to grow in popularity here in Malaysia, with an increasing number of non-Malay parents preferring to send their children to Mandarin- and Tamil-language schools over the Malay-language national schools.
Defenders of Bumiputera special privileges regularly target vernacular schools to deflect demands for equal treatment of the country’s races after decades of race-based affirmative

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