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Monday, August 18, 2014

All Is Well that Ends Well, for Pakatan Rakyat

In my post yesterday, I was concerned the PAS leaders at its meeting could stick to their gunns in supporting Khalid Ibrahim; NO, they did NOT, reversing its earlier stand. Only additional feature was that PAS nominated an extra candidate PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali, to be replacement MB to Khalid, besides confirming endorsement from PKR's sole nomination of its President Dauk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. Had the PAS continued its support for Khalid, I said that it could be the beginning of the end of the tripartite Pakatan Rakyat, their commitment in the March to Putyrajaya to replace the BN/UMNO led government,. and some 52 percent of GE13's elecorate would feel "let down".

I say the Islamic party was correct in its new stance, and it is NOT, to my mind, a U-TURN. It is consistent with the new devlopments the past few days, especially since the PKR sacked Khalid from the party, and he lost his "LOCUS STANDI" to represent PKR or PR.

Quoting from NST report today headed "Pas turns its back on Khalid", PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu said "Khalid is no longer an issue because he was sacked. He is not a member of Pakatan. We will work with our allies and not with an individual."

DESIDERATA: Please note the stress is mine (as highlighted thus like this one-liner).
Cheers, and let's all go back to placid waters until the Selangor Sultan returns from overseas on August 27 when a criticial decision awaits his Highness, to determine "What happens next?" to the CEO post of the richest state in NegaraKu.

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