My Anthem

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I heard the Unsurprising news todie...

When a telephone call cometh at an unearthly hour
It's either a tragedy or ecstasy to be announced
But while you celebrate with thy brother's lottery strike
Or thy sister's new born babe

Or poor thee, you console the sobbing sister's loss of Mom
Or a best friend's loss of her good4nothing lover

I hope everything turns out right
My GoOD bud Sdr Wong SC it's all KARMA
I don't believe such "silly" things at first
But gradually but steadily it maketh more sense
Cos it is equivalent to the Natural Law
Of Cause and Effect
NightNewton's First Law:
To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

So nowadays when I receive any calls at an unearthly hour
when most of my best dreams are at their peak

I have an auto response:
Go back to sleep, to ea ch His
or Her karmic solution

The world will surely spin round and roiund
And the sun will rise again tomorrow in the east

But you and I not wake up to see the smiling rays
So ENJOY they sleep in peace
Like a babe


Yan said...

Hi, greetings from Cat City.

Hope Desi is keeping fine.


desiderata said...

Hi Yan, surprising comment fm Catsville aftere klong break. I am fine BUT things could've been "badder" /better ala Hey Jude!

Sorry for long break knot keeping in touch. My Blog has been quite inactive for reasons mainly stated in one recent post, BUT the other reason is that my faith in some bloggers and politicians including those in PR components has been shaken quite lots --hence I took a long break post GE13.

Then I reconnected with a few fellow BUMmers and PKR leaders -- wont mention names lah in case those omitted would feel offended!) and feel reenergised with a different worldview and expectations. I hope this new "second wind" will see Desi back to olde self of being a productive writer for "change"!.

You buddy keep up your good writes!

Cheers to awe. YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual