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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Desi's Post-GE13 FATIGUE _ I promised ye d REASONS. Yes!

Post BN's return to govern Putrajaya for another five-year term, I still read the English media -- both PRINT and ONLINE -- almost daily unlesss cerain days caught Desi poor as the churchmouse not affording even that 30sen for theSUN, and I had to run after that bus providing free Internet access beacuse my home line was just disconnected. Okay, writers aligned to Reformasi are prone to exaggerating a can take it wit' a pinch of salt eh!? That ? mark -- you no need to answer OK, it's what is termed RHETORICAL question. Hey, if you no understand what rhetoric means, try googling, cun? I ain'y no slave of yours, Maosit or Demokrazy!

Anyway, thanks for bearing with Desi's DIgRESS -- I won't resort to AGGRESSION as long you remain ESTEEMED in my I=I -- and if you should spot TYPOS and sperring miss takes, blame it on one month's rustinurse! If you still complain about me gifting lame excuses, brudder, siadar, get the here out of Hell!

Okay, back to the topic -- MY REASONS FOR FAIGUE afrer 505, 2013.  1. It's the same antics by the BN animals callling themselves wakil rakyat at Parlaiment, and BN=controlled State Assemblies. Yes, I'm a PRO-Pakatan Rakyat (being a PKR member of cabang Seremban which means STONES,you know dat?) blogger, and I offer no apologies to PM Najib and his gaggle of clowns.

For starters, jest name the one act that maketh Malaysia the laughing stock in the www -- for the whole wide world or worldwide web:) Some Singaporeans would assert its astands for THE WILD, WILD WEST, and does Desi protest?

WAN ACT: After one "sheepish" court decreed that the word "Allah" is exclusive to use by the Muslims, the UMNO herd said it does not apply to Sabahans and Sarawakians. This confuses --cuntfuse is aMore likely! since they are famous for speaking from their a'seholes -- HEY, DOES THAT MEAN SABAH/SARAWAK are NOT part of a nation called MALYSIA? EVEN THE UNITED NATIONS DEEMED IT FIT TO PRONOUNCE THAT THE WORD "ALLAH" IS "NOT" EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY TO ANY COUNTRY OR RACE!

An aise or digression, cun? >>>>>>>This lends great weight to those East Malaysians who are leaning towards taking Sabah and Sarawak out of their unionised pardners from 1963. Hey, that momentous event in 1967 when a country named Singapore -- who joined the Union alongside with Sabah and Sarawak -- could be unceremoniously KICKED OUT of the nation called Malaysia. SIMPLE LOGIC ISN'T IT -- If three newly recruited members could see one of the new members being asked politely to leave or forced to leave, the other two remaining members CAN EXERCISE THAT DIPLOMATIC ACTION OF SELF APPLICATION TO LEAVE, YES! WHY wait until suddenly some UMNO leaders has an attack called "period" (if the speciaes was female) and acting on whim and fancy, undblomatically kick Sabah or/ and Sarawak to get out?

TO BE CONTINUED, If Desi can wake up to see sun rise tomorrow (and the nightmar of cancerous "c" does not recur like the UMNO wankind can determine if Desi can think only UMNO kind of thoughts), InsyaAllah...May God save me from these George Orwelliah 'creatures" from out of "ANIMAL FARM"~~ Amen/Awoeman/Amin

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