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Sunday, September 01, 2013

At D Flea Market -- where you get only HUMANE BYTES!:)

IF thou art visiting Furong the Garden City - IF YOU STILL DON GETit where FR is, get the here out of hell!:( -- on a Sundae, try to ketchU wit' Desi&gang at the Flea Market fronting (me)Lido kopitiam, also AiFairus Retron, also the Three KTM stations. Flea markets are common in western country and some city centes like PJ and Seremban have caught on to the act. It's a plaz where people we call the MASSES like DEsi meet, and try to get secondhand gOods at bargain prices.

Today I  spied TWO items I liked, marked at RM10 for a China doll with faeded dress, and a snuff box still worth sniffing for dat glue smell if Thou Art into getting Hi on what they once called "weed" OR  "chasin' d dragon" and you couldn't get the Ori! The second item was an English teaching book going back to the GOoD Olde Daes when a Form one student could write 150-word composition within one hour, CONTRASTED with present day graduates who could NOT write a decent news copy of same length WITHOUT committing at least FIVE HOWLERS! I bought this book for OLD TIMES' SAKE so I can once in a while show some of the present Gen teens in Forms 4 and 5 the OLDE STANDARD English compared with their present half-past-s'x wan!

The man manning the stall was a "new" lady -- new in the sense I saw her first time aft some two years at most Sunday strolls down this quaint 100-metre street -- named MARGE. I got her name because I had to autograph a kopi of my "Midnight Voices&..." quoted at RM10 brought down to RM8, in barter trade for the two items asked for RM15 brought down to RM12. See, Serembanknights are damned gallant, v v have time to treat a lady wellA!:)

So if you can afford to part wit' loose change, come meet if you can spy Desi prowling around for CHEAP "antique" stuff; otherwise, catch me at the "durian"tree where socialists -- socialites2? -- gather on draw days waitin' for the durian to runtuh!

Cheers, keep wellA. If the lady should survive Desi, my selling opitvh to her was that my masterpeAce would fetch RM1,500 when I move on TO THE OTHER PLAZ. I quoted VINCCENT van Gogh as an example of an artist -- wit' whom WRIThERS like Desi share a common fate! -- who died a pauper. Aft say=ing GOoDbuy/bye to this harsh world, his family enjoyed the fruit of his labour -- "Sunflower" alone sold for more than AUSD100million -- I guess some tycoons in Australia could appreciate art, unlike most Malaysian ty(die)-coons, who prefer to hoArd their millions to accompany them to the sext world. The Chinamen wit'out would have family members burning' them "hell" money -- well, you never no, that could gain 'em entry to the redlight haunts down under, eh?

NOTE: Rumination pieces are writ in jest and using LOTS DDC. If you feel offended wit' some of my writHes, too bad! You can get the hear ooouch of Hell!

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