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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another BUM2011 Forum Rocks In on Sunday July 24 With Lunch!

Theme: Nation Building Across The Political Divide

Date: Sunday, 24 July 2011
Time: 10.30am to 2.30pm

Venue: Maju Palace Restaurant, Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur

ADMISSION: Open to the Public, Fee Payable at RM50 per pax with Table booking at RM500 per table for 10 most welcome

“Tentative” Programme Outline:
10.15AM: Registration of Guests starts
10.45AM: Welcoming Speech
by BUM 2011 Organising Committee Chairman, YL Chong, Desi
11.00AM: Keynote Address by YB Menteri Besar of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim on a ***TOPIC related to the Theme wrt Selangor Experience
Q and A to follow: 20 minutes

**************LUNCH TO BE SERVED 12.15PM-12.45PM and Resumed 2.00PM-2.30PM***********************

Forum: 12.45PM to 2.00PM on Topic “Mere Sloganeering on Transformation or Reform Is Not Enough, the Rakyat Want to See a Better Life!” featuring:
Panel of 4 to 5 Speakers to speak 10-12minutes each.

Q and A to follow …

Kuala Lumpur
June 30, 2011

***NOTE: Topic to be finalised by Selangor MB’s Office

And Panellists to be Finalised VERY SOON!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ops Lallang II has begun!?

Borrowing from's:

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1350: Police still at the Bersih office and they want to question the seven staff in the office.

1230pm: Police are raiding the Bersih secretariat in Petaling Jaya now.

About 15 police officers, including camera crew, are at the scene as at 12.20pm. They are taking photos of ICs and confiscating leaflets, T-shirts, banners, and a video camera.

A lawyer and a board member of Empower, which is the secretariat for Bersih, are at the scene.

This morning, 14 people wearing Bersih T-shirts and leafleting in Sungai Siput were detained. Among them were two Perak State Assembly members, Leong Mee Meng of and Chang Li Kang of PKR.

At 2.30pm, it is the turn of Irene Fernandez, Maria Chin and Hisham Rais to be questioned at Dang Wangi.
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DESIDERATA: I have had written several posts with disdain regarding the behaviour and misdirected action of the Royal Malaysian Police --relating to Sodomy2, Datuk T case from beginning till the court fiaisco ending with the three stooges-elevated-to-heroes-status by their counsel and majistrate! -- tis latest action against the chief protagonist-organiser of July 9 MARCH for Clean and Fair Elections, with the raid of Bersoh2.0 office, Desi believes it's the official Ops Lallang 2 being put into action. I wonder tomyself: Will be see the number surpassing Ops Lallang I's 106 detentions? The greater the number, the barometer of a HIGHER reading the INSECURITY OF PM NAJIB TUN RAZAK IN FACING 13TH GE, that's my humble inference.

At a BUM2011 evening foreum on June 11 recently, I told Bersih2.0 chief should she be hosted as a government'sguest at Kamunting, I'd tapau someKFC for her. She quipped that she's vegetarian. I think I must start growing some cucumber,tapioca,ladies' finger in my house front patch of noman-s land soil though Desi is NOT green fingers.

To ALL Bersih2.0 committee members, Desi says: Stay the course, BUMmer Desi and several Bloggers are aweways dare with you! God save us from a semi-POLICE STATE UMNO REGIME! Amen/Amin.


And from the Malaysian Mirror, you will find professional ball carriers aiming for fasttrack promotion and Datukship are marching in -- and I also read about the God-saken wheel-chair-bound-ally-of-soul'dout-Perak-ADUN Chandra Muzaffar among the Cheers Leaders loudest for UMNO!

Call For Tough Action Against Illegal Rally Organisers

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 06:12

KUALA LUMPUR - The government has been urged to crackdown on troublemakers planning the July 9 illegal rally including detaining them under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) and academicians believe that firm and tough action is needed as police have received about 2,000 reports from all levels of society objecting to the rally.

They said the police reports lodged by various parties show that they are concerned for safety and public order in the country.

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) law lecturer Dr Sham Rahayu Abdul Aziz
said no party can guarantee safety and security if the rally of over 500,000 people takes place.

"If some of the hundreds of thousands of people create trouble and extreme provocation like throwing stones, there will certainly be chaos."

Dr Sham Rahayu asked authorities to consider invoking the ISA as it is deemed necessary preventive measure before the damage is done.

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Political and International Studies lecturer Md Shukri Shuib said ISA is the best option to prevent the rally seen to have subversive elements.

The Home Ministry must be wary of the organisers who are hiding behind slogans to clean-up the Election Commission but the reality is that their action will raise tension .

"The organisers must realise that not only the ruling party is against the rally but also Hindraf splinter Makkal Sakhti, independent consensus in parliament and KITA led by Zaid Ibrahim, a former PKR leader.

"The 2,000 police reports prove that majority of the people are against the rally. It is no longer a question between the government and the
opposition," he said.

Shukri said the willingness of the military to assist police if requested should be seen as a high probability for an emergency situation.

On June 18, Armed Forces Chief, Gen Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said it is ready to deploy troops to control public order at the rally.

He said it is better to use ISA before damage occurs because ATM's willingness to intervene shows there is tendency towards implementation of the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Visiting Professor Salleh Buang said although the rally organisers claim it will be ruly, mob behavior will surely be triggered.

He said the probability of chaos breaking out during the rally is high.

"Prevention is better than cure. The ISA should be used with care because certain quarters will manipulate that Malaysia is undemocratic and prevent freedom of speech," he added.

Chairman of Malaysian Malay Consultative Council Prof Dr Kamarudin Kachar said the illegal rally will destroy the country.

"We don't want this to happen just because of one stubborn person. Immediate action must be taken before it spread to millions of people."

Dr Kamarudin who is also Malay Professional Thinkers Malaysia president said the rally should be prevented as there are elements of a power grab and revival of communism.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) youth chief Shamsul Iskandar told a crowd at PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya on Monday that the people can bring down the government through election or street protest.

His speech was broadcasted by TV3's Bulletin Utama on the same day and uploaded on YouTube.


DESIDERATA: I will try to doa Commentary on that toadie Chandra M if I have the spare time -- will you pay Desi a dime to read his effort? I don't get JUST desserts amounting to millions for my writHing skills you know, unlike some wheel-chair-bound medicine-pedlars who know their Hi-Prize-Price! RM24million, anywan? Philanthropist Vincent Tan just listed by Forbes still has billons in his war-chest to gift out millions if you can get a UMNO bigSHORT to nominate ye!:(

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well,even an MCA Youth Leader is Capable of Using God's Gifted Brain...

COMPARED with many older, higer-positioned BN counterparts. I seldom take my hat off (another reason is there is NOT mucsh hair left on top!:), but To Gan, I say: Syabas! From the Malaysian Mirror:

Gan Condemns Vilification Of Bersih 2.0's Ambiga


Gan Ping Sieu
Monday, 27 June 2011 15:00

From the start, MCA has made a clear stance about the Bersih 2.0 rally scheduled for 9 July 2011 – the party does not support it. But I am dismayed at the extent some are willing to go to vilify and demonise Ambiga Sreenevasan, the person behind Bersih 2.0.

It is very sad to see certain quarters resorting to personal attacks when they fail to put forward their case in a rational manner. The issue at hand is about whether there is a need to hold a rally to push for "free and fair election". Ambiga’s past or her roles in other events, especially as former president of the Bar Council, has nothing at all to do with this issue.

I personally do not agree with Bersih 2.0 holding the rally in the way it is to be held, but that does not mean that I will smear her just to derail the event. That is a most irresponsible thing to do.

On another note, I feel that Bersih 2.0, while claiming to be non-partisan, has been manipulated by certain quarters. The clearest sign was when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim last week said he could direct Ambiga to call off the rally if he wanted to. This only reaffirms the belief that Bersih 2.0 is under the thumbs of the Pakatan Rakyat.

Besides, Bersih 2.0 has also conveyed a false impression of our democratic system while its approach is disproportionate to its cause.


is Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports

(The views expressed above belongs to the author in its entirety and does not represent the opinion of Malaysian Mirror in any way)

DESIDERATA: However, Desi would like to add some comment to these two paragraphs:

Gan's:On another note, I feel that Bersih 2.0, while claiming to be non-partisan, has been manipulated by certain quarters. The clearest sign was when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim last week said he could direct Ambiga to call off the rally if he wanted to. This only reaffirms the belief that Bersih 2.0 is under the thumbs of the Pakatan Rakyat.

Desi's: I was not present when DS Anwar made this statement; but when I read it in context, I believe Anwar was hinting that it's PM Najib Razak's call now as Anwar CONDITIONED his offer to request Ambiga to considrr calling off the walk THAT NAJIB MUST ENSURE CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTIONS. Which is fair enought! I also believe DS Anwar as Opposition Leader was taking Ambiga's open invite to march along with Bersih2.0 must mean there is such a thing as "extended" collective responsibility. Even the PAS chief has accepted Ambiga's invite to march side by side, and Awang Hadi has hinted his troops may number 1,000,000. Maybe readers sould have a sense of humour -- both Anwar and Awang were just showing off their imaginary power of persuasion, and somelightheartedness in expression often tempers a serious issue which has been muddied by the lights of Perkosa's Ib Ali and UMNO Youth's once-second-most-powerful-person-in-Malaysia!

Gan's: Besides, Bersih 2.0 has also conveyed a false impression of our democratic system while its approach is disproportionate to its cause.

Sdr Gan -- I can call ye Saudara, yes?! -- impressions are just that, impressions, but in politics, PEREPTION COUNTS LOTS. You give Desi a good impression with your letter's content, hence I engage thee with civility. But should the July 9 Bersih2.0 be thwarted by your BN components' comrades like UMNO Youth and shady allies Perkosa -- ooops, it's Perkasa! -- COUNTER-MOVES, then what impression does it create? To all and sundry -- especially to the international stage which the foreign media will surely highlight -- THAT THE POLICE WILL TOLERATE DEMOS BY UMNO (maybe its component parties like MCA) BUT DOESN'T GIVE A CHANCE TO THE NGOs and the OPPOSITION... Well, we can olways beg to differ in our interpretations, Saudara Gan, Yes?

PS: Can I maybe invite you, dear esteemed Sdr Gan, to be a speaker at a forthcoming BUM2011 FORUM soon?

UPDATE2 at lunchtime, a bollowing from Tumpang Sekole...:)

Go visit Tumpang's site at CHEERS, maybe you add thy comment dare! ~~ Desi

Image]A group of Umno Youth members gathered in front of their arch nemesis PKR's headquarters in Petaling Jaya late last night in a noisy demonstration, threatening to burn down the building.

About 300 people, according to PKR estimates, had converged in motorcycles and demanded that PKR withdraws its support from the Bersih 2.0 march on July 9.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, who rushed to the HQ after being alerted by party members, said that he arrived at about 11pm and observed the demonstration from a distance.

"How do I know they are Umno members? First of all, they were carrying Umno flags and they were wearing their red 'Patriot' T-shirts,” he told Malaysiakini when contacted.

“I could also see (Umno Youth exco Lukman Adam) and (former Perkasa Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah) leading the group."

Incendiary speeches on tape

Saifuddin also said that when he got there with several party members, they had recorded the fiery speeches made by Lukman to the Umno Youth crowd.

"He said that he wants to burn down the PKR HQ. He can deny it all he wants, but we have the recording," he said.

PKR Youth deputy information chief Rozan Azen Mat Rasip, who was also there, confirmed that Lukman had explicitly threatened to burn down the party headquarters if they were to continue participating in the July 9 rally.

"He also threatened (PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim) and (Bersih 2.0 steering committee chairperson) S Ambiga for supporting the rally," he said, adding that about 50 PKR Youth members were there to monitor the demonstration.

According to Rozan, the Umno Youth group converged in two locations - first at a petrol station in Shah Alam, second at the Batu Tiga toll on the Federal Highway - before making their way to the PKR HQ in Tropicana, based on information from pro-Umno blogs.

He lodged a police report at the Tropicana police station, just a few doors down the road from the HQ, at about 11.40pm almost immediately after the crowd had dispersed.

[Image]No arrests made

Rozan said that he saw about 20 heavily-armed police officers on stand-by at the protest although no arrest were made.

"That's why we're puzzled," he said, urging the police to investigate the case under criminal intimidation.

Meanwhile, Lukman and Arman were unreachable for comment.

Though Bersih 2.0 - which stands for the Coalition of Free and Fair Elections - claims to be a politically non-partisan group, PKR is expected to mobilise tens of thousands of its members from all around the country for the massive rally on July 9. Calling for electoral reforms, Bersih 2.0 will also be handing over a petition to the Istana Negara detailing their demands before the next general elections.

However, Umno Youth said that they will be organising a counter-rally on the same day, calling it the 'Patriot' rally. Movement chief Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar had previously said that their objective is to defy Bersih 2.0, as well as supporting engagement with the Election Commission.

Malay rights NGO Perkasa have also vowed to hold another counter-rally in the bid to stop the Bersih rally.


Umno sends 'Mat Rempits' to PKR HQ, no action from police

Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Police Continues to Bark Up the Wrong Tree!

Yesterday, for one Sunday in a long while now I did NOT write a Ruminations piece. My health has not been in the pinkest colour lately, so yesterday I spent time with a Christian pastor who subscribes totally to the concept of Salvation through Christ's sacrifice on the Cross, a Buddhist believer who subscribes totally to the "karma" concept, (akin to the What goes around comes around credo...?)and I had tehtarik at tea time with a believer of all religions partially, and like Desi, the last wants to become a Cowboy singin' C&W songs in Nashville, Tennysee -- either solo, duet or a quartet when we lined up two true-blooded cowgals.

In te evening I threw caution to the wind, and going against doctor's (out of the House unless you consider that vvhacko Dr on American TV as in-house...) instruction, gobbled down the best chuKIOKsin I had laid off for more than a month.

I felt so lighthearted I woke up at 6.00AM, quite unusual as it's often after the sun has risen two hours, and after a hot Milo, began tapping on this keyboard to do someketchUP posting. I habitually do this by checking out, a collator or cybe-sentralstationof bloggers' writes/rites/writHes.

So here's catching wan:(

Ambiga accuses police of intimidation in Bersih arrests
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
June 26, 2011
Ambiga said today the arrests do not augur well for Malaysia who sits on the Human Rights Council. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, June 26 — The arrest of 30 Bersih activists by police in Penang under Section 122 of the Penal Code is a clear form of police intimidation to frighten supporters of the July 9 rally, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said today.

The Bersih 2.0 chairman accused the police of “deliberately overreacting” by arresting the activists under an “archaic provision.”

“I am utterly shocked by the manner in which these people have been arrested and the section under which they are apparently to be charged.

“This is a clear intimidation of the people involved. I think the police have deliberately overreacted by trying to intimidate people,” Ambiga told The Malaysian Insider.

**The police said they are probing an alleged attempt by some Bersih activists to revive communism and are investigating 30 Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members, including Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jayakumar for “waging war against the Yang DiPertuan Agong.”

***Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has defended the arrests, saying today there were reasons to justify the police action.

Hishamuddin, who is the home minister, said that he had yet to be briefed in detail on the arrests, but stated that preliminary reports showed that the activists had “other agendas” in mind.

“This does not auger well for Malaysia who sits on the Human Rights Council … clearly designed to intimidate.

“There will be more clampdowns, and more arrests ... why only attack Bersih? What have we done? And such an archaic law should not be used today,” the former Bar Council chairman added.

Deputy Penang police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said today that remand orders would be exercised in order to detain the 30 activists under Section 122 of the Penal Code.

Police have said they will not issue any permits for rallies on July 9 and have asked the organisers to come in for questioning tomorrow.

Death threats have also been made against Ambiga and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, who is organising a rally to support the Election Commission, which is the subject of Bersih’s demands for free and fair elections.

PS: I will do Catch U2after I go back to zzzzzzzland for a snooze OK! hopefully I can trace one PSM item when a politikus buddy at last night's Puerh Tea party mentioned about the greAt BN-UMNO gomen -- maker of garments? -- again reprised the bogeyman of "Communists" to take in some PSM leaders wit' that convenient label famously used lust by then PM Dr Mahathir against a bunch of NGO activists known as Suqiu. I remember this episode because I was then serving as an online News Editor. No, the Police did not act against a bunch of UMNO Youth then for marching towards Suqiu headoffice threatening to burn down their office in downtown KL. The considerate police were around to help direct traffic so that beesy KL folks, especially sidwalk drinks hawkers -- and sellers cigarette lighters, candles too? -- could go on making the xxtra bucks, curtsey of UMNO Youth!

C U alound!:) OR :(

I will say a prayer of peace be with them under graceful protection from the Almighty-- however you deem them to be -- for Ambiga and her intrepid BERSIH team. Are these two -- PSM and BERSIH2.0 -- the new Suqui to be because UMNO says so? God save us from these dark forces. Amen/Amin

RESUMED post @8.18AM after nightmaring that the Police are about to launch Ops Lallang II ala-Mahathir-claim-the-IGP-did-LallangI-OnItsOwn!

KetchUP2 via KitSiang's comment, so I will quote with only the important parts highlighted!

Release the 30 PSM members, DAP demands

By Melissa Chi
June 26, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, June 26 — The DAP has demanded for the immediate release of the 30 Parti Sosialis Malaya (PSM) members, including Sungai Siput MP Michael Jayakumar, who were arrested in Penang, and has dispelled claims that they were trying to revive communism.

“I call on the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to ensure that good sense prevails in his government despite facing the mortal challenge of a peaceful Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9 calling for free, fair and clean elections — as such a proposed peaceful rally cannot, under any stretch of the imagination, be equated to a ‘war against the King’,” said the DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang at the DAP Ubah Dialogue organised by the DAP Socialist Youth of Johor (Dapsy) at Hotel Li Gardens in Masai, Johor Baru, tonight.

****The police said yesterday they were probing an alleged attempt by some Bersih activists to revive communism, and are investigating 30 PSM members for “waging war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.”

Deputy Penang police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar was quoted by Astro Awani as saying that remand orders would be exercised to detain the 30 activists under Section 122 of the Penal Code.

Section 122 of the Penal Code states: “Whoever collects or attempts to collect men, arms or ammunition, or otherwise prepares to wage war with the intention of either waging or being prepared to wage war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or any of the Rulers or the Yang di-Pertua Negeri or abets the waging or the preparation of such war, shall be punished with imprisonment for life or imprisonment for a term not exceeding twenty years, and shall also be liable to fine.”

“In fighting for his political survival, the Najib government and ministers should not undermine public confidence in the independence, impartiality, integrity and professionalism of the key national institutions that these pillars of the national system of governance destroys all public and international confidence in them, resulting in loss of foreign investment and a precipitate economic decline,” Lim said.

The first rally in 2007 saw up to 50,000 people take to the capital’s streets before they were dispersed by police with tear gas and water cannons.

*****Malay rights group Perkasa has threatened a counter rally if Bersih continues with its plans while Umno Youth said it would hold a rally in support of the Election Commission, which is the subject of Bersih’s demands.

PAS has asked for one million members to take to the streets on July 9 to support Bersih, which has also organised rallies in several cities around the world.

“The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the prime minister and the government-of-the-day can count on my loyalty and patriotism and that of the DAP in any treasonous war against the king, but we will not lend ourselves to any fictitious claims to justify gross abuse of power and blatant human rights violations against patriotic Malaysians to prevent them from a peaceful and democratic exercise of free speech and free assembly.

“I read with consternation The Malaysian Insider report and I believe this is also the shocked outrage of Malaysians — with the question bulking large as to how the country has swiftly descended into such a macabre farce,” the Ipoh Timor MP said.

It is understood that the 30 activists were detained at the Sungai Dua toll plaza near Kepala Batas in Penang while on their way to a gathering in support of the Bersih rally planned for July 9.

The government has said it will not issue permits for Bersih’s planned rally on July 9, which calls for free and fair elections.

DESIDERATA: The highlighted portions (THUS BOLDED) are Desi's emphasis. As shown repeatedly with the Datuk T-Stooges-turned-court-heroes case, and of course, the victim Opposition Leader DS Anwar Ibrahim, being targeted as the villain in the Trio-backed-by-UMNO-sandiwara (so obvious even the blind could feel it!), the Police and the Attorney-General's office have been working hand-in-glove in creating more and more gutter scenarios to add on as side-show to the long-running SODOMY II still-in-progress epic-tragicomedy based on a script-reprised-from-Mahatir-regime, it's so clear the Police are barking up the wrong tree in recent high-profile cases. THOSE WHO COMMIT WRONG ARE TREATED WITH VELVETY GLOVES whlet hose who try to march for justice are hunted down, thrown into prison under the ISA or trumped-up charges.

Those points marked with ** to ***** are what worry Desi and I believe will see more police action in the lead-up to JULY 9. Malaysians are NOT helped by the law-enforcement agency -- they are being VICTIMISED. Maybe behind all these are the INTERNAL POWER STRUGGLE AMONG UMNO LEADERS?

Are Najib's warlords and cronies being confronted by his deputy Muhyiddin's soldiers aided by an ambitious Home Minister eyeing the next DPM's post? And while the tow main factions fight, belitttled UMNO YOuth chief without any post Khairy is plotting his Sun Tzu's attacks. and Mahathir (frontlined by PERKOSA law-beakers led by Ibrahim Ali -- the Police deem them as allies, No?) is NOT far behind to thwart this famous/notorious SIL-once-second-most-powerful-man-in-the-country from his comeback sneak ambush.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I almost vomitted at BF time...

Just as I was about to gobble down my Loh See Fund at the Furong main market/Pasar Besar this moUrn.

Here's WHY, just the first few paras plus 2 more BODY paras ~~ I hold a physical print copy of this MSM, below is extracting the five relevant paragraphs from NST Online:

Video not doctored
By Irdiani Mohd Salleh, Jennifer Gomez and Hidir Reduan
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US experts confirm man in sex clip resembles Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR: US experts have confirmed that the video clip screened by the Datuk T trio was authentic and had not been tampered with or superimposed, the magistrate’s court was told yesterday.

The court also heard that the man in the video,who was having sex with a woman, resembled Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

These were among the facts of the case read out in court after the Datuk T trio pleaded guilty to charges of publicly displaying an obscene video clip on March 21.Businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and former Perkasa treasurer-general Datuk Shuaib Lazimwere fined RM3,000 and RM1,500 respectively,while former Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, who was charged with abetting them,was fined RM1,000.


****“The motive was an honourable one, to expose a depraved and corrupt leader.” He also pointed out an authority in the United States had identified the man in the video was 99.99 per cent A n wa r.

“This means that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had lodged a false report. I, therefore, submit he should be here and not them.” ****Shafee said the three had given clear statements to the police on why they had shown the video clip.



DESIDERATA: I am sad that after the sacking of then Lord President and five senior judges way back in 1988 (to check date?), the Malaysian judiciary once held in high esteem among Commonwealth countries has been on the slide towards a banana republic's courts standard. Post-Salleh Abbas, despite a few changes of the Lord President/Chief Justice with each new one promising "judicial reforms" to capture back the days of repute Malaysia enjoyed on the international stage, we have only seen some cosmetic changes, and the slide down the slippery slope has continued.

Add to yesterday's magistrate decision, Desi can only say he was clearly acted beyondhis powers and on instruction to let the Datuk T three stooges get away with mere slaps on the wrists. Fines is fine in the magistrate's eyes indeed, after a Trio of apparent scums had been allowed by the Close-One-Eye PDRM to let them roam free for some two months before pressing these charges. And even then, we all know that the socalled 99.99per cent finding that the man in the video was Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim -- which should NOT have been allowed to be admitted as evidence because it IS EXTRANEOUS and IRRELEVANT to the case! -- was behaviour of a compliant judge whose name I would not even deem honourable to name in this post/commentary.

As for defence counsel Shafee's words of praise -- marked ****extracts and BOLDED THUS -- instead of scorn for the Datuk T, Malaysia has earned itself several times over as a "laughing stock" since the case first broke, and it was a continuing saga of "comic-tragedies" that the police, prosecutor's office and now the magistrate, were roped in by the political masters to "bring down a political enemy" they fear could become Prime Minister one day SOON! We discerning citizens/Rakyat of Malaysia know the reason for the fear driving these corrupt leaders and their cronies and hangers-on.

May God/Allah have mercies on us, lead us out of this continuing nightmare. God save us from such "honourable" men commonly represented by the Three Stooges but elevated to "honourable" by their counsel. Honourable, my foot! God save us all. ~~ Amen/Amin

Monday, June 20, 2011

KimQ Is Resolute "V"VVVVVVe Must March On Cometh July 9!

BERSIH Must March On

By Kim Quek


A peaceful rally calling for electoral reform would have gone down as almost a non-event in any democracy, but not in Malaysia. Here, the news of such an impending rally has virtually caused the incumbent ruling power to go into a state of panic.

Ever since the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections – a civil society movement known as BERSIH – calls for a peaceful rally on July 9 to press for electoral reform, hardly a day goes by without some bigwigs pressing the panic button, as if calamities will befall the nation if such a rally were to take place.

Home minister has warned of dire consequences to political and economic stability, Umno’s ultra-racist wing Perkasa has called for a rally of its own to crush the BERSIH rally, police chief has warned BERSIH of preventive arrest, and hundreds of reports have been lodged with the police by Umno and its associated bodies to oppose such a rally.

And now, the latest, Deputy Prime Minister Muyhiddin Yassin called the BERSIH rally an opposition plot to topple the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government when he officiated a local Umno annual meeting in Beaufort, Sabah on June 18.

(BERSIH had earlier extended invitation to all political parties including ruling BN and opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat (PR), as well as NGOs and activists to participate in this mass movement to restore integrity to the Malaysian electoral system, which has been hopelessly corrupted to favour the incumbent ruling coalition. While PR component parties have accepted the invitation, BN has not.)


Muhyiddin debunked BERSIH’s agitation for reform by citing opposition’s impressive electoral gain in the 2008 general election as proof of the electoral system’s fairness.

He asked: “If it is not free and fair, how could they make such electoral gains? If they win they keep quiet, and if they lose, they claim unfairness. I think their motive is to have a short cut to Putrajaya.”

Equating opposition’s electoral win as proof of the system’s fairness has becom BN’s standard answer to fence off rising condemnation of BN’s massive abuses that have gone from bad to worse.

But such argument is as illogical as it is laughable. Whether an election is fair should be determined by the conditions under which the election is conducted, factors such as the presence or absence of an impartial the election commission and the existence or non-existence of a level playing field. It should never be determined by whether a contestant has won or lost.

Malaysian election is so notoriously unleveled that one should have no hesitation to conclude that PR would have been swept to power in the 2008 election if there was free and fair election, considering the fact that the popular vote was virtually split at 50-50.


How can anyone consider Malaysian election fair, when the election commission is unabashedly acting as ruling coalition BN’s virtual agent, and the entire mass media of the country (with the exception of the Internet) serve as BN’s propaganda machines to the complete exclusion of PR?

Since the 2008 election, BN’s election bribery has gone from covert to overt, famously dramatized by none other than Prime Minister Najib Razak himself when he publicly attempted to buy votes by offering instant cash aid to the tune of millions of ringgit subject to a BN win in two successive by-elections (Hulu Selangor and Sibu).

Strangely, or rather shockingly, while the video clip of this drama had been watched by a worldwide audience via Youtube, the presiding judge (Azahar Mohamed) threw out a subsequent election petition to nullify the Hulu Selangor by-election result on the ground of “lack of evidence”.

When even the court sanctioned such open bribery committed by the top leader of the ruling coalition, the floodgate for all kinds of corruption, intimation and abuse of authority was virtually thrown wide open to work in BN’s overwhelming advantage. And this is exactly what happened in the recently concluded Sarawak state elections, where BN swept to a landslide victory on the twin strategy of bribery and intimidation.


Under these circumstances, BERSIH ought to be commended for its gallant and timely move to call for a mass rally whereby a petition will be delivered to the King to put a stop to the election system that has been turned into a complete mockery of democracy.

Among BERSIH’s reform proposals are: prohibition of vote-buying of any form, restoration of independence and impartiality to enforcing bodies on election offences, fair media access to all contesting parties, reform of the current dubious postal voting system and cleanse the present electoral roll that is fraught with irregularities and phantom voters.

It will be seen from these proposals that the current BERSIH move is not only not a threat to national interests, but a most reasonable and logical proposition to save democracy and restore justice and decency to a country where the state institutions have been pervasively perverted by BN’s prolong autocratic misrule.

With regards to police’s avowed refusal to grant permit to the rally, we have to respectfully advice the police that they have no authority to obstruct such a peaceful rally. Freedom of assembly is a constitutional right guaranteed to all citizens, and the role of the police in such an event is to ensure that peace prevail throughout the rally.

Any attempt by police or any quarter to disrupt a peaceful rally of such noble intention will be construed as a serious breach of the Constitution and will not be taken kindly by peace-loving Malaysians.

Be assured that Malaysians will not back down or compromise on such important principles as the right to have free and fair election and the right to have freedom of assembly.

Kim Quek

Can ye guess WHY Desi title one key word as "V"VVVVVVV? Remember THAT movie popular at the box office a few years ago? It reminds me sometimes of a costume ball featuring one particular masked costume en masse - somebody ran wild by the hundreds, or the THOUSANDS.And idiots like IB Aleee, aided by UMNO-oh-NO! Youth -- can't stop the march!

Former Finance Minister Tengku Razaleigh Speaks...

The UMNO MP for Gua Musang is a "unique"voice in the party that just didn't give him a chance to serve as Prime Minister. But this Kelantan prince still has a chance -- IF HE WOULD JUST MAKE SME RIGHT MOVES OUT OF UMNO who doesn't appreciate his talent. Maybe Pakatn Rakyat would.......


Sunday, 19 June 2011
Tengku Razaleigh speaks.

1. Malaysia's post-colonial history began with optimism and a grand hope in 1957. When Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, proclaimed our Independence at the Merdeka Stadium in the unforgettable words that "Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy with an independent judiciary," he had a vision of a happy people in spite of the formidable economic problems we needed to solve. After that dawn of independence, there was a search of how we could achieve this happy society, Fulfilling the needs and aspirations of all Malaysians which was to continue for the Generations to come. He symbolized the concept and conviction of generational responsibility in his vision.
2. Tunku Abdul Rahman and his generation were dedicated leaders, not for power but a sense of duty to the present and the future. They were not in politics for the money or for themselves. Indeed, even after they had assumed power, they never used their position to benefit themselves or their families, nor did they build loyal cronies who would act as their financiers or hold any wealth unlawfully earned at the expense of the people.
3. The guiding philosophy was responsibility of public office. Public office was seen as a duty, not as an opportunity. The public office was also part of their sense of political commitment to create a Malaysia that was fair, just, cohesive, and balanced. This was combined by a deep conviction of generational responsibility for those who would come after them.
4. One of the greatest losses in public life and in politics today in Malaysia is that loss of generational responsibility. Everything seems to be surrounded by greed and the desire to be billionaires. This had led to a pyramid of cronies within the incumbent political parties and their associates in business. It is this combination of the hierarchy of political cronies and business cronies that led to the centralization of power in the incumbent political leadership and in the office of the Prime Minister.
5. This power in one individual allowed the manipulation of the political system; I mean by this the institutions of power including the media. In exchange for the centralization of power greed and self-interest was encouraged by example and in the guise of racial loyalty deserving rewards. This is the case in all the parties within the power structure. This state of affairs is one of the most dangerous and difficult to dismantle because there has been three decades of centralized power.
6. The political style that has dominated in these lost three decades has been "double-think" and "double-talk". One of the features which is alarming in this plan to maintain status quo is the encouragement covertly of racial and religious obscurantism. The underlying theme was a policy of using a balance of racialism and religion on the one hand and talks of unity on the other hand in order to make the people hostage to the status quo of power. As a result, racialism and racial concerns seem to have a grip on all aspects of our lives, in politics, economics, education and employment, irrespective of the present reality which has got nothing to do with race or religion. We are deliberately made to feel that we are hostage to these forces.
7. Freedom of speech and expression of our political concerns to change the atmosphere are restrained by how it will be interpreted by those who want to deny us the right to differ. Article 10 of the Constitution which guarantees this freedom is almost non-existence or subject to fear of retaliation or defamation. Legal suits intended to silence legitimate concerns of public responsibility are increasingly used. Unfortunately, our judicial system has forgotten the fundamental importance of Article 10 to the democratic life of Malaysia. Common sense seems to have been taken out of the law.
8. On the economic front, income inequality in Malaysia has widened. Some studies suggest that Malaysia's inequality is wider than Thailand's or Indonesia's. Historically, the concern was about ownership and control of the economy. It was the view of some that if ownership was de-racialized or balanced at the top, economic justice would follow. It is no longer a valid premise for the future. Income inequality is no longer a problem between races; it crosses the racial divide and it is a problem of the majority of Malaysians who feel the pressure of inflation in almost every essential aspect of their lives, challenging their wellbeing of themselves, their families, and their future. Today and the in the near future, this is the most serious challenge we face. It is not an easy challenge to overcome. It is a time when Malaysia needs leadership of the highest quality and of those who have the moral courage to change and re-think our economic policies.
9. It is in these circumstances that we face the serious problem of rising food prices, inflation in price of houses compounded by shortage in housing for the vast majority of young Malaysians. Lack of economic expansion to give all levels an opportunity to use their talents to seek work that is commensurate with their contribution, their needs of daily life, and to narrow the inequality gap, is the threat of the future. Therefore, we should be concerned about the justification of the removal of subsidies that affects the low income because that will further widen the inequality and open the society to social disorder and disintegration, and increase social in cohesion. It is in this context that I raise the issue about Independent Power Production Companies (IPP). The privatization contracts are today protected by the Official Secrets Act, and therefore we are unable to really know whether or not the public and PETRONAS, as trustees of the public, are directly or indirectly subsidizing these companies and the tycoons who are benefitting at the expense of the public.
10. Related to the question of the withdrawal of subsidies is the deficit that the Government suffers from in managing the economy. This question cannot be separated from the way that the Government has managed the nation's finances. If the deficit is as a result of wastage, corruption and extravagance in the use of public funds, then the solution to the problem should not be passed on to the public. What is needed is a reexamination of the management of the country's finances before taking any drastic steps that would affect the well-being of the people. We need to know the reality behind the apparent subsidies that are given to the public and its relationship in the totality of the management of the public finance. Only after we know the truth – and the whole truth – should any change in the policy of subsidies be implemented, as the consequences would have life-changing impact on the livelihood of the people. In the circumstances of rising inflation in food, stagnation of the economy and income, we should not do anything that would widen the disparity of income which would cause social instability.
11. The challenge today is for the return to generational responsibility in politics and public office. This can only be achieved if we have democracy and parliamentary power which is responsible. Democracy was the basis of the founding of the state of Malaysia by the Constitution in 1957. When it was briefly suspended in 1969, the leaders of that generation were uneasy, and they restored democracy as soon as possible.
12. That is because they realized that democracy has an intrinsic value in creating a citizenship that is not made up of sheep but of responsible citizens. Only responsible citizenship that understands democracy can bring about stability, cohesion and economic prosperity. During those days, it was ingrained in that generation of leaders that democracy was not only a form but a value system that respected the essential institutions of democracy like the independence of judiciary, the supremacy of parliament subject to the Constitution, the respect for fundamental rights, and free speech. They also understood the meaning and primacy of the rule of law and not of men. They also knew that democracy is the common heritage of humanity that we inherited and have a duty to continue. The law that they understood was also from the common heritage of all civilized nations.
13. And one of our inheritances is the common law system of the rule of law which is enshrined in our constitution. They knew that the phrase "common law" meant the wisdom that is passed to us in the progress of law and the values that are encapsulated in the law governing public office and responsibility to society. That laws are meant to enhance democracy and freedom but not to maintain and continue political power that is inconsistent with the rule of law and the constitution.
14. Independence did not come with peace but with very difficult problems, particularly the management of the economy and transforming it to bring about a balance between all the racial groups. They realize that some of their problems had roots in the history of Malaysia. There was a serious imbalance between the countryside and the urban sector with racial dimensions which were too sharp. Indeed, poverty was also quite prevalent. There were open discussions and experiments.
15. Some of you may remember that one of the highlights of public debate was organized at the University of Malaya under the title, "The Great Economic Debate" every year. That disappeared with the changes in the University & Colleges Act and the decline of Universities' autonomy. The search was to eradicate a sense of inequality between the various peoples of Malaysia, whether because of one's identity and social origins, or for other reasons.
16. It was as part of this search that during Tun Abdul Razak's time, the Second Malaysia Plan was launched in 1971. We need to be reminded of the objective of that plan:
"National unity is the over-riding objective of the country. A stage has been reached in the nation's economic and social development where greater emphasis must be placed on social integration and more equitable distribution of income and opportunities for national unity."
17. That dream was slowly eroded from the mid-1980. The hope that we had at that time is now challenged in the most serious way.
18. Recently, PETRONAS announced that it had made a 90.5 billion pre-tax profit. If we accumulate the profit of PETRONAS over the years, it would come to a mind-boggling figure of billions and billions. Yet, the greatest poverty is found in the petroleum producing states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Sarawak, and Sabah. This moral inconsistency in a way exemplifies how the nation's economy is mismanaged and how the institutions set up in the 1970's have lost their objective and commitment to solving the immediate and pressing problems of the nation.
19. PETRONAS was set up with the objective of serving the nation's interest as a priority. It was never intended to give PETRONAS a life of its own as an incorporated company for selected individuals to profit at the expense of the national interest, nor was it the objective to allow PETRONAS a cooperate existence independent of national interest. 20. What is needed is for institutions like PETRONAS is to have a national focus rather than maintain a multinational status. The aim of making PETRONAS a multinational cooperation at the expense of national interest is contrary to the Petroleum Development Act. PETRONAS should have a Petroleum Advisory Council to advise the Prime Minister on the operation of the law as well as the management and utilization of its resources as spelt out in the Petroleum Development Act.
21. Another example of the abuse of power is the privatization of certain government institutions which were set up as a public service to serve the people. Bernas is one example of a privatization of an essential commodity as a monopoly for a group of people and owned partially by two companies in Hong Kong. An essential commodity such as rice should not have been privatized for business purposes. We are the only rice producing country that has privatized and given as a monopoly to one company the importation and distribution of all rice products.
22. The reality today is Thailand and Indonesia are self-sufficient in rice and we are dependent on 30% of imported rice. But because it is a monopoly, imported rice is cheaper in Singapore than Malaysia. Privatization for the benefit of private individuals to profit from such an essential commodity is a clear abuse of power. It would not have happened in those days. But with the centralization of power in the office of the prime Minister who had the party under his absolute control, anything was possible!
23. I will suggest to you that there was a deliberate plan to centralize power in the leadership in a surreptitious manner. Unfortunately the nature of racial politics blinded us of the reality behind certain policies and conduct of leaders at that time. The decline of democracy, the abuse of power, and the mismanagement of our economy and the nation's finances, the economic waste, the lack of national cohesion in our economic policies led to the flight of capital in the region of RM880 billion over the years from the 1980s. That was the beginning the lost decades and the full impact of the consequences of the economic policies which has continued since then, is yet to have its full impact on our national lives. And when it does the consequences are unpredictable.
24. The centralization of power in the office of the Prime Minister and the Attorney general had a major role in this state of affairs. The challenge today is to reverse the centralization of power and restore the check and balance of a genuine democracy.
25. We need to reclaim as citizens of Malaysia our rights in a democracy; that power and authority are positions of trust and responsibility, not to serve personal interest or as an opportunity for personal enrichment. We need to reassert as politically active and responsible citizens the concept of social obligation and public service in those who seek political office. Power is duty, NOT a prize.
26. We need to rethink our economic policies. Particularly in the focusing on the national objectives that are urgent; economic policies is not only about wealth creation but needs to have a moral dimension which takes into account the wellbeing of all citizens as the ultimate priority over profits.
27. I have given you a broad sweep of the past and a bird's eye view of the looming problems of managing our economy as it is today. I hope this will open a dialogue which benefits all of us.

DESIDERATA: The above speech
was part of the Perak Lectures, organised by Perak Academy on June 18 in Taiping.

And who is Sakmongkol?

Desi has reproduced several of his blogposts here -- today I'm reprising his "profile" as stated in his BLOG:)

sakmongkol AK47

* Gender: Male
* Astrological Sign: Cancer
* Location: kuantan : pahang : Malaysia

About Me

Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of this blogger. His name is Dato' Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz. He was ADUN of Pulau Manis, Pekan.( 2004-2008) From 2000-2004, he was Ketua Penerangan UMNO Bahagian Pekan, under Dato Sri Najib. Studied Economics at University Malaya and University of Manchester(Owens). Sakmongkol was a legendary Muay Thai fighter. AK 47 is the Russian made firearm. He can be reached at the following e mail:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why man-hole? Why NOT a WOMAN-HOLE?

Ah, I got thy attention, didn't I?

Before I proceed, can I ask that anywan with an extreme gender-equality gene in his/her system, please don't read on. My post may contain thoughts that can upset you sensitive sex chromosomes such that we become enemies for life. You don't wanna want dat,do you? UNLESS of course you are a diehard RPK clone or fanor fannie, or whatever!?

Okaynot that I have 4warned awe my ER, whom I hold in HI esteem, I will cuntinue, with DDC wordpray et al.

Yesterday I read about a CPO -- hey,that's for chief police officer-lah, why you have to ask wan? -- tripping over a man-hole and having to seek medical treatment; if I recall rightly or leftly, he was admitted a couple of days. To a hospital-lah, knot an asylum-lah2! Why you have to interrupt Desi so off10?

As I was saying, the news item at the Furong main Pasar yesterday brought back memories. Bad. Badder than if it didn't bring back any -- I could have died. Yes, I also tripped over a man-hole -- at that time I was working freelance -- some bosses interpret that to mean "free of charge", hence wouldn't even pay RM200 for five articles well-writ -- despite Desi chasing for five fool months.

Okay,enough digression/aggression, so at that time I had just left the Moon newspaper for short period 0-- no,it'sknot about that monthly routine, it doesn't apply, Cos Desi was born "male" -- it stated that the lust time I looked. At the birth cert-lah, where else you donkey!

So it brought back bad memories -- I didn't tell the Press about it -- the act of my foot beng cai-ught in that iron-grip protruding ear as I headed for the phone booth three metres from it. I know THREE cos i fell headstraight4thebooth, and was about 1-1/3metres short of hitting it. I was 1-2/3metres in height, so if you do a mental Sherlock Holmes deduction,you are quite near it-lah!

Back to my Q:WHY NOT A WOMAN-HOLE? Yes, why didn't those bra-burning feminists in England insist on the Oxford dick list it as a man-hole; woman-hole; person-hole, to be truly gendre unbiased?Why, why, why -- indeed WHY NOT call the damned dangerous orifice cover an IT-HOLE? As far as I know, I haven'tcome across one man-, woman-, erson-, it-hole having a life of its own. Maybe Alfred Hitchcock/Hirchhen? didn't have such a rich imagine as Desi'safter all -- he thought of prettywoman-attacking Birds, neber thought about women-swalling man-holes. CPO- swallow yes1; newsdogNAMEDdesi-swallow yes2 BUT KNOT LadyInRed-Swallow Hole! (starring Julia Roberts course -- why knot July Roberto indeed?)

So before Oxford dick -- which is short for Dictionary, why you dared not aRsEk wan? -- update its sext edition next March 15, Imust send this entry to the bookmakers and politely request they modernise their vocab and do the right thing by the CPO and Desi.

Meanw'ile, anyone has that number of the poor CPO -- pass to Desi can? I am gonna suggest we link up to sue the council buggers for a million bucks/buckeroos so we can retire gracefully. Not having tochurn out artTICKLES like this wan to catch some newspaper pub'ic eye to use it for love/laff/cough so Desi can chase for that RM200 payment for another S'X months. I was once reported to have been paid RM1k per article, but yet my account is seeing red.Too much of Julia Roberts I hgas:(

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bloggers' Solidarity at BERSIH 2.0 Walk on July 9?

Desi was privileged to hear from the horse's mouth last Saturday at BUM2011 Forum about the massive rally planned by BERSIH 2.0 for July 9, 2011.

Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, current BERSIH chairperson, was being teased by Desi who questioned whether she would have compromised her official position by accepting the Datukship award while serving some years back as Bar Council president. I was asking in the context of noting that many -- or all -- of the group editors of the MSM/mainstream media, were awarded the Datuk title, and it was my opinion that they would then feel obligated to toe -- or even promote -- the Government's line in all key "policies", right or wrong. I had earlier also recalled former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad having said at two public fora that the government of the day (at least speaking of his 22 years at the BN Government's helm) did not instruct the MSM editors on how to run their (political) stories. It was the editors themselves who tried to read their political masters' or press owners' mind and then "spin" the stories to please their masters (No, mistresses are not involved here/hear!).

Ambiga assured that she accepted the royal award based on her stewardship of the national law practitioners'body and that she would continue to serve professionally in whatever organisation she chose to be involved in, including the now-hot-in-the-news BERSIH, which stands for a coalition of NGOs promoting clean and fair elections.

Desi assured her he had no doubt about her integrity to professional conduct once she chose to wear the captain's hat at BERSIH, even assured her he would bring some Kentucky Fried Chicken for her if she became a guest at the famous/notorious Kamunting! Ambiga quickly revealed she's a "vegetarian". So now Desi must be prepared like a girl guide to look for brinjals, cucumber,lettuce and ladies' fingers to steal in his neighbourhood gardens. Emcee Dr Mave Yeoh -- you grow some men's fingers at thy Koala Lumpuh garden?

Okay, enough digression, which I as BUM organising committee chair have been promoting as among the privileges to freely abuse for anyone joining the Bloggers' bandwagon -- B2B anywan? -- back to that rally on July 9.

Ambiga said it would be a peaceful march for fair, clean elections in the conduct of the forthcoming 13Th General Elections, and also promoting transparency and anti-corruption culture in public governance, and that all parties,including from the Barisan Nasional components and the Pakatan Rakyat, are welcomed to join.

To Desi, this July 9 walk for NegaraKu,is clearly a citizens' effort which can only benefit the country by moving it forward to a greater democratic nation, so there is no need for any third party to protest or organise a counter-rally.

As a blogger, let me tax my ER (esteemedreaders') indulgence a little to a point which Ambiga elaborated on at the BUM Forum which I felt full empathy with. So I shall now "paraphrase" with some of my own addition which I had no opportunity to add on too that night, so "minta maaf" if I digress or even wrongly postulate again!

The "talkative" MC that evening had noted earlier whether there was any solidarity among the bloggers themselves -- what more they were ambitious of showing solidarity with the Press (MSM)? In fact that was the reason for ending the forum theme "Bloggers' Solidarity with the Press?" with a question mark, not a fullstop. Mave noted in a frank post that bloggers had gone off into (at least three) different groups, and so he concluded it was too much to in fact expect solidarity.

Ambiga then expanded on the point of solidarity in the sense that bloggers can empathise with the Press/ print media when they agree on common grounds involving good media practice,including the commitment to truth, fair and honest reporting and blogging. Desi couldn't agree more, and I would even add that I would join my "rival" bloggers from Blog House Malaysia or Malaysian Civil Liberies Movement (MCLM) by putting aside our personal differences, and walking in solidarity with BERSIH2.0 cometh July 9.

So I assure my BUMmers and fellow bloggers and B2B based in Kuala Lumpur that Desi will round up a few Serembanknights to make up the numbers from diverse and different groups from the whole country to march in solidarity. For common ideals of free assembly and promoting clean and fair elections so essential a desideratum for a developed nation status -- nine yaers away is quite a near horizon, and every citizen must rise up to the occasion, YES!

Whenever a BUM event cometh around, Desi misseth (late) Ancient Mariner...

I gas/guess mGf rockybru aka DatukAhirudin Attan is in similar mavelength(though he and I are now rowing different boats/sampan eh?! And we also anchor at different ports. Port Dickson this wickedend, anywan? -- YL, Desi

PS: Latest "bollowing" (Desi sometimes is a typical chinoserie, mixing up his "l" and "r":( from rockybru's house of fire, earth, rain dan water...


The late Captain Yusof, who ran the blog The Ancient Mariner,
never claimed to be a prophet but his posting Another PKFZ In the Making now feels like an epic Nostradamus prediction. The shit has hit the fan down south. The Singapore Business Times reported on Wednesday (read here) that Asian Petroleum Hub Sdn Bhd, which runs the RM1.4 billion Asian Petroluem Hub (APH) in Johor, has fallen under receivership. A trail of sub contractors are facing bankruptcy and if some RM 2 billion is not pumped into the project, at least two state-linked public listed banks will be forced to make hundreds of million ringgit in writedowns.
If they had listened to the Captain and taken action then, perhaps today APH won't be facing a complete nervous breakdown and Malaysia wouldn't be a laughing stock in Singapore.


The late Captain Yusof, who ran the blog The Ancient Mariner, never claimed to be a prophet but his posting Another PKFZ In the Making now feels like an epic Nostradamus prediction. The shit has hit the fan down south. The Singapore Business Times reported on Wednesday (read here) that Asian Petroleum Hub Sdn Bhd, which runs the RM1.4 billion Asian Petroluem Hub (APH) in Johor, has fallen under receivership. A trail of sub contractors are facing bankruptcy and if some RM 2 billion is not pumped into the project, at least two state-linked public listed banks will be forced to make hundreds of million ringgit in writedowns.
If they had listened to the Captain and taken action then, perhaps today APH won't be facing a complete nervous breakdown and Malaysia wouldn't be a laughing stock in Singapore.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

From fellow BUMmer maverick yeoh at CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN...

cometh an interesting article on:

Why Blog? To Change the World — and Blow Off Steam

Why do bloggers blog? It sounds like a trick question, but a study of top political bloggers finds their motivations evolve over time.
By Tom Jacobs

Blogging has its burdens. If you doubt it, try coming up with an interesting thought every hour or so, shaping it into a coherent, compelling and carefully worded item and then sending it out into the world for potential ridicule by everyone with a laptop and a point of view.

For the few bloggers who manage to draw a large readership, the financial rewards can be significant. But the hours are ridiculous, and the pressure to produce enormous. So why do it?

Newly published research suggests people are motivated to start a blog by one set of reasons and motivated to continue by quite different considerations.

In the journal New Media and Society, a research team led by Brian Ekdale of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison reports on a survey of 66 top American political bloggers. They were selected from 2006 rankings of most-popular blogs and represent points of view across the political spectrum. Web sites they blog for include Daily Kos, Hullabaloo, Right Wing News and Pajamas Media.

The bloggers were presented with a list of 13 motivations for starting a blog and ranked the personal relevance of each on an 11-point scale. Reasons included, “to provide an alternative perspective to the mainstream media” and “to help your political party or cause” and “to let off steam.” They then went through the list again and recorded how well each reason reflected their current motivation to continue blogging.

The researchers found the three strongest initial motivations for blogging — “to let off steam,” “to keep track of your thoughts” and “to formulate new ideas” — were all based on the bloggers’ personal emotional or intellectual needs. Blogging, at the outset, was an outlet to clarify the person’s thoughts and/or express feelings such as frustration or anger.

But when asked why they’re blogging today, those three foundational motivations either decreased in importance or increased very slightly. In contrast, the extrinsic motivations — notions such as “to serve as a political watchdog” and “to influence public opinion” — saw “significant and sizable increases.” (The one exception was “to critique your political opponent,” which only increased marginally.)

“As they continued to blog, and their blog posts reached wider audiences, they realized they could extend influence out to their audience, the media and political parties,” the researchers write. While their initial motivations did not fade away, this newfound influence provided additional motivation, leading these bloggers to be even more enthusiastic about what they do.

In a particularly interesting aside, the researchers report the respondents who rated the extrinsic motivations most highly “were more likely to post both favorable and unfavorable information about candidates they support. They were also more likely to participate in political activities such as signing petitions, contributing money to campaigns and attending protests or rallies.”

In other words, if you feel your job is to inform the public, fact-check the mainstream media or simply help society, you’re more likely to present a fuller picture of the politicians you report on, even if you have a specific point of view. On the other hand, if you’re basically using the blog as an outlet to channel your anger or hone your already-solidified positions, you’re less likely to admit the other side may have a point.

That’s a distinction worth pondering for both bloggers and their readers.



Dear EsteemedReaders, please visit and ENGAGE that talkative and playfool host who tells it in your face AS IT IS about Malaysian blogosphere: you also see the snapsjots of the featured speakers -- STAR-STUDDED! -- like the following peace/piece on lust Saturday's BUM2011 FORUM:)! -- I get some tehtarik from him for doing this PR!:):) -- YL, Desi

Saturday, June 11, 2011
Tonight's BUM 2011 Forum News
The BUM 2011 Forum ended at 11pm.

We started at 8pm and we had Dr. Lim Teck Ghee of CPI (Centre for Policy Initiatives) to deliver the welcoming address. After Dr. Lim we had Desiderata YL Chong, the BUM 2011 organizing committee chairman to give his speech.

The first session, we had YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, State Assemblyman for Seri Setia, Selangor and former political secretary to MB Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to deliver his views on "Legislating Freedom of Information Act in Parliament".

At Right is Dr. TG Lim, Centre is YB Nik Nazmi & Left is Maverick the MC

Desiderata YL Chong is the Organizing Committee Chairman of BUM 2011

In the second session of the night we had Mr. Cheam Toon Lee, the ex-chief editor of East Malaysian newspaper, En. Zunar, Malaysiakini Cartoonist (who just won a pseudo "Nobel prize" for his courage in Cartooning the establishment), En. Hata Wahari, the ex-NUJ President & ex-Utusan Malaysia senior journalist.

The last speaker and the rose of the night, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Datuk Ambiga is the immediate Past President of Malaysian Bar Council and currently the Chairperson of BERSIH 2.0.

Datuk Ambiga won the “International Women of Courage Award” in 2009 which was presented to her by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in Washington. Datuk Ambiga was chosen for the prestigious award, established by the US Department of State, for being a forerunner in advancing human rights, the status of women and religious tolerance in Malaysia.

From Left to Right: Zunar, Hata Wahari and Datuk Ambiga

From Left to Right: Moderator Mr. Shanker of Donplaypuks, Mr. Cheam Toon Lee & Zunar

This year's Forum was attended by about 30 people. Many could not come (such as Mob & Helen & AVoice) and many won't come, such as Rocky's Bru who cannot attend now probably because he is now Datuk Ahirudin Attan; Haris Ibrahim of The People's Parliament, Raja Petra from Malaysia-today (he is in London), Art Harun of ARTiculations, Zorro-Unmasked Bernard Khoo, Eric Woon of iammalaysian, Nuraina Samad of 3540 Jalan Sudin, Marina Mahathir of Ranting by MM (I think she is overseas), Fahri Azzat who blogs at LoyarBurok, Zainol Abideen of Mahaguru58, Zakhir, AVoice Salah of Another Brick in Wall (absence conveyed to Desi), Jeff Ooi who blogs at Screenshots but he is now a YB and so had no time for blogging) William Leong, Elizabeth Wong and many others who are also YBs of Selangor.

Well, Zunar said we should not be discouraged but to carry on blogging as he will start blogging soon. Hata Wahari has to blog soon as he can't write for Utusan anymore. Datuk Ambiga may also have to start blogging soon.

Anyway, it was a fantastic night and we did have a good time. I hope YL Chong will start organizing the second forum soon which will include some good food and maybe, Anwar Ibrahim or Ibrahim Ali should be invited to speak. Maybe, we should also invite Najib or Rosmah to grace the occasion.

I will let Shanker and YL Chong write about the subject matters of tonight's topic.

Good night!!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 gets a morale booster from none other than THE OPPOSITION LEADER!


Anwar Ups The Ante On Bersih 2.0

By Anwar Ibrahim 5 Comments
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From Malaysiakini

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, whose travel and speaking engagements these days remind observers of the self-punishing regimen of marathon runners, will take part in the Bersih 2.0 rally scheduled for July 9.

Speaking to about 1,200 people who had gathered at the Girl Guides’ Hall in Brickfields to hear a briefing on the Bersih march by its chairperson, Ambiga Seenivasan, Anwar, who was the final speaker at the gathering, disclosed that he would be present at the rally, called to push the cause of electoral reform.

NONEThe crowd cheered and although Anwar had taken part in the first Bersih rally in November 2007, these days his crisscrossing the country and frequent court appearances in connection with Sodomy II seem to preclude a repeat participation in Bersih’s second edition.

The first Bersih rally, which drew a crowd that was estimated at 40,000, was held on Nov 10, 2007. It was a gathering whose size foreshadowed the sizeable turnout for the Hindraf rally held 15 days later.

Together, the rallies in late 2007 heralded the electoral swing that saw the opposition coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS deny BN a two-thirds majority in the general election of March 2008.

The way the government-controlled mainstream media is fulminating against Bersih 2.0 betrays anxiety that it would turn out to be as ominous for BN’s electoral fortunes as its predecessor was.

Thus Anwar’s intended participation will be interpreted by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat’s supporters as an encouragement to turn out in numbers for event.

If Turkey can do it, why not us?

Anwar let drop the news of his participation after giving the crowd an inkling of his punishing schedule these days.

“Four days ago, I was in Kuwait just for a day to deliver a speech at a seminar on finance,” he said in his speech.

“In the course of the day, I was contacted by the representative of the prime minister of Turkey who extended an invitation for PKR officials to observe the elections in that country scheduled for today,” continued Anwar.

“PKR sent a few of its MPs, including Nurul Izzah, who was invited to monitor the elections in a part of the country where the contest would be intense,” Anwar elaborated. Nurul is MP for Lembah Pantai which counts Brickfields as one of its wards.

“If Turkey can invite representatives from something like 16 countries, I don’t see why the authorities here cannot allow the Bersih rally to take place peacefully because it a demonstration of the right of our people to clean and fair elections,” Anwar asserted.

Anwar claimed Umno-BN these days were motivated by “the fear of losing” besides displaying sundry symptoms of “the arrogance of power” towards the opposition.

Earlier, Anwar, as explanation of his seeming indefatigability in the teeth of a punishing schedule of travel and speaking engagements, said he took heart from the rousing crowds that regularly turn up at his functions.

“I have a wonderful wife, good children and a circle of loyal friends who give me the strength to carry on,” he said to cheers from the crowd, which besieged him when he ended his speech and made his way to his car.

Freedom of Information Act -- Selangor Pioneering Effort for...

Parliament to emulate...The Penang State Assembly has followed suit, and if the Malaysian Parliament were to change over to the Paktan Rakyat control cometh the 13th General Elections (soon to some like before December 2011, earliest is next year is Desi's prediction!), the probability of such progressive legislation will see the light of day. Citizens of Malaysia, THE POWER LIES IN YOUR SACRED "V"VOTE! -- YL, Desi


June 13, 2011 · 5:46 am
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Legislating Freedom of Information Act in parliament

By Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad

I am honoured to be asked to deliver the keynote speech at Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2011.

I attended the first one – BUM 2007 and have spoken at one or two other BUM events. I was asked to arrange for Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to speak at the BUM event last year.

Some of us have reverted to the mainstream press that we criticised so strongly as bloggers. Some become politicians and consequently caught in the political intrigues. Being a blogger first before a politician, I am pleased to be among familiar faces and friends and hope to never join the first two categories!

On April 1, 2011, the Selangor state assembly created history after passing the Freedom of Information enactment.

This was the third and final reading before the enactment was sent to the Sultan to be signed as law.

It was a long three years from March 9, 2008, when Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim announced that a citizen’s right to information would be among the agendas pursued by the new state government in Selangor to April 2011.

I believe that the experience in Selangor is useful for the next step – to push for a repeal of the Official Secrets Act 1972, the Internal Security Act 1960, the Sedition Act 1949 and the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 while introducing a Freedom of Information Act at the federal level.

Except for Selangor, Malaysia is truly lagging behind.

Other than the Western democracies, countries such as India, Bangladesh, Albania and Uganda have some form of Freedom of Information legislation. Recently, Nigeria passed its Freedom of Information Act.

This is one case that Malaysia tak or belum boleh.


Freedom of Information is a key institutional reform to keep up with the times – about what the rakyat demands from the government but also about what the rakyat can do in spite of government with all the technology available.

Since 2008, Malaysians have become more interested not only in politics, but most importantly in how the government conducts its business. Malaysians demand more transparency and accountability, particularly in how their hard-earned tax money is spent.

Opening the government up is key towards empowering the rakyat, and ultimately strengthening our democracy. Democracy flourishes with well-informed citizens.

Yes, there will always be the need for official secrets but under our current framework even a tissue paper at a government meeting is theoretically deemed as an official secret!

Last year, the Kuala Lumpur High Court made a landmark ruling ordering the Syabas concession agreement and audit report to be released based on an application by the Coalition against Water Privatisation.

Judicial commissioner Hadhariah Syed Ismail had stated in her 19-page judgement that she was not convinced such a disclosure would be harmful to national security or public interest, as claimed by Syabas and the government.

However the Energy, Water and Green Technology Ministry and the federal government requested a stay order and filed an appeal, claiming that disclosure would “upset the administration of government.”

Institutional reforms are important to ensure that the emerging two-party (or coalition) system that we have today actually has lasting benefit for the rakyat.

There is no use for a two-party system if it means more of the same old policies.


Ultimately a democratic government rests on a government by the people, for the people. Thus the rakyat have a right to know about what their government does, how their government spends their hard-earned tax money.

We have seen how tens of billions of ringgit are lost each year through wastage, leakages and corruption. These cases flourish simply because the rakyat has very little oversight over government.

Legislating freedom of information is the first step towards empowering the rakyat to stand up for their rights.


By preventing wastage, leakages and corruption, freedom of information legislation can actually make government more efficient. More money would be spent for the direct benefit of the rakyat, not for cronies or contractors. Not for holidays abroad or to privately pursue a daughter’s wedding.


Then we had the Wikileaks incident. I actually mentioned Wikileaks in my July 2010 speech at the state assembly when the Freedom of Information enactment was first introduced. But then the United States diplomatic cable incident grabbed the world’s attention.

This I believe illustrates how fast technology is moving – and how far behind we are when we are still dictated [to] by an ancient OSA.

Remember – the entire diplomatic cable incident over Wikileaks that not merely brought blushes on Hillary Clinton’s cheeks but actually strained diplomatic relations between the United States and many key allies across the globe was caused by 23-year-old Bradley Manning.

The intelligence analyst merely brought a Lady Gaga CD and then copied all the data into the CD while singing to Lady Gaga tunes.

Keeping secrets from the rakyat is getting more difficult these days.


Ultimately, freedom of information legislation is key towards restoring the rakyat’s trust with politicians. The tendency to govern by secrecy makes many politicians treat the rakyat as fools. Governing must cease to be a mystery for the rakyat.

Thus, it should come to no surprise that politicians tend to rank low in the trust scale for the public – along with lawyers and salesmen. Datuk Ambiga [Sreenevasan, BUM2011 speaker] – being a law graduate, I empathise with you!

Rumours and gossip are treated seriously in Malaysian politics because of the lack of information. In the absence of reliable and credible sources of information, any piece of information is valuable, no matter how sensational and ludicrous it may seem.

But when the rakyat knows more about what the government is doing, what the civil servants are doing, what the politicians are doing – this will definitely build their trust towards the many unsung heroes who plough on berkhidmat untuk rakyat but who get painted in the same brush as the rotten durians because of the lack of information.

The Selangor experience

As mentioned above, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim actually mentioned on 9 March 2008 that one of his first acts as Selangor Menteri Besar would be to “ask the legal adviser to enact a law that will enable the state to give the public the right to information”.

On that same day, Tan Sri Khalid asked me to join his office to assist him in the task of governing, which ended me in holding the position of his political secretary for over two years until July last year.

Thus I was privy to the discussions that took place not long after that involving Khalid and Elizabeth Wong, along with various NGOs, most prominently the Coalition for Good Governance in drafting the Freedom of Information enactment.

The first hurdle we faced were those from within Pakatan Rakyat who felt that freedom of information should not be a priority. Of course, we demanded for it when we were the opposition but now that we’re in a position of power, they felt this would only hurt us.

But believers of freedom of information such as Khalid, Elizabeth and I argued that this is exactly the task before us. The test is not about demanding it while we had no power but to actually implementing it when we have power.

This is not unique to Malaysia.

Tony Blair, in his memoirs actually expressed one of his regrets is introducing the Freedom of Information Act that would later be a tool used by the media against his government towards the end of his tenure.

The state government actually almost adopted wholesale the draft from civil society.

But when the bill was presented to the state assembly in July 2010, it was a much watered down version thanks to some members of the civil service that are under federal control. At times, it read almost like an Unfreedom of Information enactment.

The Pakatan backbenchers, including myself, supported for the bill to be approved but with amendments to restore the original intent and spirit of the law.

BN on the other hand took two contradictory approaches.

One was that the Freedom of Information bill did not go far enough to ensure the right to know for the rakyat. Two was that it was in contradiction to the federal constitution. Maybe one was advised by Khir Toyo and the other, Apco.

The bill was passed at the first and second readings.

It was then decided that for the first time in Selangor’s legislative history, a select committee would be formed to engage in a public consultation with stakeholders and find ways to improve the bill before it was presented to the assembly again for the third and final reading.

Saari Sungib (PAS-Hulu Klang) was selected as chair while I, Hannah Yeoh (DAP-Subang Jaya), Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi (PAS-Sijangkang), Amirudin Shari (PKR-Batu Caves), Datuk Dr Karim Mansor (BN-Tanjung Sepat) and Abdul Shukor Idris (BN-Kuang) were the members.

Sadly both the BN reps did not attend a single select committee meeting as we sat from July 2010 to March 2011. They had a golden opportunity to present their objections about the bill, even call their own academics and NGOs, yet they ignored the process altogether!

The consultation was extensive – not only with Coalition for Good Governance members but also religious NGOs, government departments, GLCs, academics, think tanks and lawyers.

The result was a substantially improved bill. Among other things, the revised bill is better than the previous version by:

* allowing local councils and government-owned entities to be covered under the enactment;
* changing the appeals board into the state information board; and
* adding the penalties to include obstruction to access to information.


The Selangor experience provides a useful template for any efforts to introduce freedom of information legislation at the federal Parliament. Personally for me the process educated me on the various vested interests against freedom of information and how this can be circumvented through an extensive consultation process with all the stakeholders.

The expertise and passion of NGOs such as the Centre for Independent Journalism and the Coalition for Good Governance have been very useful in building the framework for freedom of information legislation.

At the same time, we need to take into account the practical views of those who will be at the frontline of implementation, namely civil servants and GLC employees who frequently end up as scapegoats in the battle between the rakyat and politicians.

While the Selangor Freedom of Information enactment may not entirely please everyone – which I have learnt is part and parcel of governing – it takes into account the point of view from every stakeholder across the spectrum, except BN of course who chose not to participate.

However, as the experience in other countries has taught us, the real battle is not between political parties but in reality those who are for freedom of information and those who are against freedom of information (and those who pretend to be for freedom of information).

Ladies and gentlemen,

Malaysia is at a crossroads.

While many Malaysians on both sides of the fence are excited about the coming years, a great many more are apathetic or disillusioned. The brain drain and capital outflows, as well as our weakened education system are a sign that something is dreadfully wrong about our country.

Much of Malaysia’s problems emerge because our people feel hopeless and disempowered. They feel like pawns of the elite, jerked around by a wealthy and unaccountable few who care nothing about their needs.

But without the support of these forgotten Malaysians, all the bold plans for transformation, whether the Vision 2020, the ETP/GTP/NEM or Buku Jingga will fail because a country’s strength is in its people and not the plans of its leaders.

Freedom of information is the first step to reversing this dangerous trend because it will restore the confidence and faith of Malaysians.

It will draw them back into a sense of national mission and make them feel part of a coherent whole again.


Above was the keynote speech By PKR communications director and Selangor state assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad at the Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2011 forum ‘Bloggers Solidarity with the Press?’ on 11 June 11, 2011 held at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Belated REPORT on BUM2011 FORUM last Saturday...

Can bloggers be in solidarity with the media?

Dr Lim Teck Ghee

bum-speechIn Malaysia, bloggers have been engaged in a battle to correct the spinning and political bias which has become part of the normal business and deep culture of the media. Since Independence, the majority of the media has been a willing partner in the Barisan Nasional’s one overriding pursuit: that of self-promotion, self aggrandizement and opportunism. In the process, the old media has contributed to the corruption, injustice and bad governance that are the hallmarks of BN rule, especially during Dr Mahathir’s administration and continuing today.

The reason why journalistic ethics and principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability are in short supply is not difficult to fathom. When these qualities do exist especially amongst younger and idealistic media practitioners, the calls from the Home Affairs Ministry, Special Branch, and the political bosses are quickly there to remind them of the Printing Presses and Publications Act; the ISA; the Sedition Act; and the major roadblocks to career advancement should they offend the authorities with their writing.

We salute the journalists and media practitioners who have retained their integrity and want to get the truth out to the public. We salute Saudara Hata Wahari for his stand on not just mouthing the rhetoric of compliance with journalistic ethics and good practice but on practicing them and in pushing his colleagues to higher standards. Shortly after being elected NUJ president last September, Saudara Hata called on “all mainstream journalists, especially of Utusan Malaysia, the New Straits Times, Berita Harian and The Star to return to their true function as deliverers of objective information to the public, and not as tools of propaganda for the government, or any political party or individual, for their personal gain.” He has paid the price for standing up for his principles but let not his sacking be in vain.

On the possibility of not being used as tools of propaganda for the government, I have little faith that the old media is capable of the change to an honest and truthful profession on their own volition. Too many have “been kissing up to the regime” – and have been too well paid off for them to be able to make that change. With the death signs of the old regime increasingly visible, the mainstream media are acting as the cheerleaders and fear leaders of the government with an increasing vengeance – hence the frenzied playing of the racial and religious card by certain papers.

Change will eventually come but it will not happen on its own accord. It will happen though if we have a more conscientized and engaged public joining in the fight for media freedom. Bloggers have a key role to play in this ‘reclaiming the media’ and ‘restoring dignity and respect’ exercise.

Today, we see a superheated and hotly contested political environment which needs truthful reporting and analysis more than ever. Bloggers can provide that fair and objective analysis because they are generally their own masters. The great majority of activist bloggers have taken to blogging not because they are paid to do it but because of disenchantment with the system and the desire to share with fellow Malaysians their ideas on how to bring change to the country.

How long can this idealism last? A recent study of motivations for blogging in the United States provides guidance. The researchers found the three strongest initial motivations for blogging — “to let off steam,” “to keep track of your thoughts” and “to formulate new ideas” — were all based on the bloggers’ personal emotional or intellectual needs. In our case in Malaysia, it has been mainly a response to perceived injustices and the bad governance of the establishment that have pushed bloggers to put aside their time and resources to write. For most, it is a solitary undertaking with few rewards except the emotional and intellectual satisfaction that comes with exposing abuses.

But when asked why they’re blogging today, those three foundational motivations either decreased in importance or increased very slightly. In contrast, the extrinsic motivations — notions such as “to serve as a political watchdog” and “to influence public opinion” — saw significant and sizable increases.

“As they continued to blog, and their blog posts reached wider audiences, they realized they could extend influence out to their audience, the media and political parties,” the researchers write (see While their initial motivations did not fade away, this newfound influence provided additional motivation, leading these bloggers to be even more enthusiastic about what they do.

What has been noted in the US is also happening in Malaysia. Reaching out to the larger public and acting as a political watchdog are natural developments. In the process, bloggers have also built a community of bloggers and supporters who share similar values and ideologies – at least in terms of the need to protect and widen the space for democratic values and expression. This community is a precious seedling in Malaysia. It needs nurturing and patience especially since there will be strenuous efforts to divide and destroy the community. Make no mistake about it – winning the internet war has been the priority of the BN since March 2008 – and they will engage in whatever trickery necessary.

For the internet to be free and for the community of activist bloggers to continue as leaders against spinning, fear mongering and outright lies, the community will have to close ranks. Sometimes though, bloggers are their worst enemies in their rush to quick judgment especially in relation to those within the community.

With regard to this negative tendency of turning against their fellow activist bloggers, I have full confidence that Raja Petra Kamarudin has not cut a deal with the government on coming back to Malaysia and nor has he sold out on his principles. Knowing this man personally – more important – going by his record of standing in the frontline in fighting for truth, justice and good governance, it is a sorry reflection of the state of our bloggers’ community and mindset that so many have jumped onto the bandwagon of criticism against RPK for giving the interview to TV3.

We can fault him on the timing of the interview; we can contest him on what he disclosed or failed to disclose; we can reject his critical views on the opposition but let’s not question his integrity and his commitment to a just and better Malaysia. In his campaign for transparency, accountability and justice, and his whistle-blowing on corruption, racism and money politics, RPK exemplifies the best of blogging activism: independent, idealistic, unwavering and telling it as it is. RPK literally puts his life on the line with every major column he writes exposing what no one else dares to put out in print. Let’s recognize and appreciate his service to the nation.

Know your friends from your foes; close ranks and go back to the basics which are to focus on the priority problems and issues in the country, and expose and bring down bad governance, wherever that may emanate. This should be the bloggers’ creed for our tumultuous times.


The above is a summary of Dr Lim’s speech to the Bloggers’ Universe Malaysia (BUM) forum, delivered on June 11, 2011.

It was a smallish crowd of 25-30 people who attended BUM2011 Forum themed "Bloggers' Solidarity with the Press?" -- but the discussion was spirited and interesting, and although the forum was scheduled to end at 10.30PM, it stretched on by more than 30minutes, yet with a few more Qs from the enthusiastic audience pending. Thinking Aloud&Aloowed in blogospheretaiko JeffOoi's tradition -- HOW ABOUT CONTINUING AT A BUM2011 DINNER TWOMONTHS FROM NOW?

YES, note the theme ended with a question mark, while OC chair YL originally stated it as a fact and ended it with a full-stop. You read Dr Lim's delivery and appreciate the diff!:)

Desi is steal/still recovering from exhaustion, so will give his take on the goings-on later, K... InsyaAllah! Meanwhile, God bless my ER (esteemedreaders for first-timers here/hear!:), and take carexz-- Amen