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Sunday, October 09, 2011

This Judge's Behaviour Was Outrageous!

Who? Chan Jit Li

When? Friday Oct 7, 2011

Where? Sessions Court, Georgetown, Penang

WHY? See the NST report below, and I have bolded the paragraph concerned:
"After court adjourned, Chan went over and shook hands with Karpal and embraced him."

Clearly the action of Judge Ms Chan was uncalled for -- going to an interested party in the court case and shaking his hand and embracing him, going by the NST report.

It shows the Judge had been prejudiced and biased towards Karpal Singh who won his suit, and the Judge awarded him RM2million, not a small sum by any Malaysian standards.

The other party, ***bank manager Lau Yee Fuat, definitely has a meritorious case to appeal against the judgement, citing Ms Chan's biasedness again him (Lau) in favour of Karpal Singh, as evidenced by her open show of sympathy for Karpal.

What low points has the Malayisan judiciary descended to since the sacking of (then) Lord President Salleh Abbas in the days of (then) PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad?, Desi humbly asks.

Karpal gets RM2m for injuries sustained in car accident


GEORGE TOWN: Prominent lawyer and politician Karpal Singh was awarded RM2.018 million by the Sessions Court here yesterday for injuries sustained in a road accident in 2005 which left him wheelchair-bound.

In giving the award, judge Chan Jit Li said it was very difficult for her to make the decision as she did not want to undercompensate or overcompensate him.

She said the amount might not be satisfactory to either party, but her conscience was clear.

Chan said prior to the accident on Jan 29, 2005, Karpal had a fruitful and active life. He was still active now, but his quality of life had been severely compromised although his mental faculty was still intact.

After court adjourned, Chan went over and shook hands with Karpal and embraced him.

Chan awarded Karpal RM2.018 million which included RM380,000 in general damages, RM399,162.37 in hospitalisation costs, two chair lifts (RM56,930 and RM47,300), RM12,998.06 in medication and supplies, RM135,808 for nursing care and RM212,800 for future nursing care spanning seven years, RM40,170 for his wheelchair, RM276.141.52 for the vehicle, RM378,000 for future medication, RM11,951.98 in travel expenses and RM66,666 for future surgery.

When met outside the court, Karpal said he was happy with the judgment, stating that it was a good and fair decision and that he accepted it.

Karpal's wife, Gurmit Kaur, 63, was overcome with emotion as she spoke of the accident that left her husband wheelchair-bound.

She said no amount of money would make her husband the way he was and that the accident had brought a complete change to her life, and she could no longer "live for myself anymore".

"The incident was like a death sentence to me. I can't even begin to tell you how big the change has been.

"You have no idea how hard it is to groom him in the morning, whether to go to the courts or Parliament. He is like a baby, but a demanding one."

Gurmit, however, said that Karpal was a very strong person, and he had great support from his family and friends.

"Even the staff at the hospital had been very supportive. The hospital had become like our second home," Gurmit said, adding she was forever hoping a miracle would happen and Karpal would be able to walk again.

Karpal had sued bank manager***Lau Yee Fuat, 48, whose car had crashed into the taxi he was in at 12.15am in front of his house at Jalan Utama.

In his statement of claim, Karpal said Lau was, among others, driving too fast, failed to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles, failed to handle the vehicle in a manner so as to avoid the collision, and drove carelessly and recklessly.

As a result of the accident, Karpal sustained a severe spinal injury which rendered him unable to walk or stand alone, depend on others for daily care as well as suffer depression and psychological trauma.

Jagdeep Singh Deo appeared for Karpal, while Lau, who was not present, was represented by Bala Mahesan.

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