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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Laughter Is the BEST Medicine...UPDATED 31 OCt 20!5:( or :)

BUTT UMNO id.ots have been making the CUntry/NegaraKu the LAFFING STOCK of the w.w.w. udder NAjib R. R can stand for either Ros... or ring... or ROT...PLease don't spoil my socialist BF including ROticinnai!

SUndaes are usually for DEsi's rumination; give this a pass until I get to FIX THE TECHNICALS IN my blog settings -- maaf ia if my last two posts are all bunched together into ONE BIG LUMP _- you and I are lucky it's knot NR's SH+T!

JEst to pass some leisure time, let's try to ENJOY From donplaypuks:~~~~

Egg Jokes for Eggciting Times

PLease surg to for aMORE!~~~~~~~

Fuck! Chicken Little, is that you??? courtesy of
malaysiasoros@terkini. ballsups_pseuds.con quotes
1. Jagdeep then asked Nizam (of Utusan) to explain what ultra vires meant, for the benefit of the court. Nizam looking confused, replied: “To insult.”Jagdeep then told Mohd Nizam that his misunderstanding of the word had caused chaos in the country because the word actually means “beyond the powers”. Malaysian Insider.

2. "Is Najib qualify to be next PM?" Now you know why the Ministry of (ms)Education wants to do away with teaching Science & Maths in English. It's an utter waste of time!

3. "It doesn't mean anything that Malaysia is No.185 in FIFA's World Rankings. That is determined only by the number of games you play in a year!!" ex-Malaysia football coach

4. "The presence of criminals also posed a threat to the safety of Police Officers. So, the Police Base was closed!" Minister for Home Office 17/10/08


FRom a post burried in DRAFTS Which DEsi feels should be exposed to the free sunshine, water and air! OKAy, consider this as post for APRIL 1, 2016 if we are still not residents of TOng San as ZAhid would have wished for for elements like DEsi!

Okay, you first saw Laffing Stocks debuting at some se7en years ago:)

Desi started its cyber Laughing Stocks Section on behalf of BurssMalaysiaBurstingAtItsSeaems some years ago as the time was right, and I believe I must give the StockXXchange a helping hand after it went into the doldrums following the Asian Financial Crisis -- remember Georgie Boy Sorrows an rogue trader who xxchanged hearty words with then PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad as their vocab was in Desi's league -- Recall the famous/infamous "You are a moron!" followed swiftly by riposte "Thou art a menace to thy cuntry!" or words to similar effect, and if my sperring is a byte off, blame it to my moUrn after PR failed to deny BN its twotwo-thirds in Sarawak.

Hitting the Gong to mark the proud occasion is the outgoig Bursa supraChairman; special guests included the famous/notorious three Datuk T stooges and RPK and HarisIb who as Chair and Prez of MCLM respectively who have jest been shortlisted to joing this Laughing Stocks section -- they are supermen of integrity" of just six to se7en months intafter birth teaching 50s established DAP and Pas and teenage 12-year-old {arti Keadilan Rakyat how to suck eggs claimng their self-annointed role of first selcting 20 to 30 men of integrity to contest G#13 under DAP or PKR banner, and just past few days, wanting to dish out advice to the Opposition by being "Father" to the well grownup opposition trio who proved themselves by winning 12plus3 not enough to make to 24 in the just ended Sarawak state elections.

May God save me from such hypocrits and imposters. Do they and their acolytes/disciples like Zoorroo aka Dr Quake, hawkeye and shanghaifish, Angele Ooi et all even know the meaning of "Civil"? __ Always using profanities and swear wordson other commenters who beg to disagree with Thrie Master's Voice at m2day and People's Parliament. People, my foot! It hurts!
~~ Amen

If you still can't catch it WHY I LISTED PDRM as a stock, here's why:

From the Star Online, and I double checked in ots print copy -- this churchmouseywritHer can still part wit' RM1,20! I do't BF at London's five-star hotels or Alson Klana in Seremban. I tehtarik'd wit' fellow koboi Ng and johnny at the Temian roadside Mamak, KKK!

Monday April 18, 2011
Cops probing those behind screening of sex video


KUALA LUMPUR: Police are now investigating those who were responsible for screening the sex video allegedly involving a man resembling Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Deputy CID director Deputy Commissioner Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said the police had yet to hear from the distributor of the Omega watch said to have been taken from the hotel room where the sex video was allegedly recorded.

He added that police could not force them to provide information on who was the watch owner.

“The identity of the watch's owner is not an issue in completing the investigation,” he said.

He also said the police had completed their probe into the sex video and the findings would be submitted to the Attorney-General's Chambers soon.

“However, we are not investigating the identity of the man in the video, but the ones responsible for the screening of it,” he said yesterday.

The 22-minute video, which was time-stamped as Feb 21, featured a man resembling the Opposition Leader having sex with a woman.

The video was screened to journalists on March 21 by “Datuk T”. Three men later came forward and admitted that they were Datuk T.

The trio were former++++Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik, businessman Datuk Eskay Abdullah and former Perkasa treasurer Datuk Shuaib Lazim.

Deputy CID director Deputy Commissioner Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, and to thy boss the IGP: You should have arrested the THREE DATUK T STOOGES++++ above on Day 1 at Carcosa Seri Negara itseif! You get listed on the xxchange BUT DON'T MAKE US MALAYSIANS THE LAUGHING STOCK of the www -- can read as WHOLE WIDE WORLD or worldwideweb:)

*********************************** Desi pmpers his esteemedreaders by googling, hence reprsing the famous speech which contains that beaut quote -- thou look for it thyself, K! I lead you as a horse to water, I can't make you drink it2! ~~ YL, Desi,knotttyaSsusual

George Soros Responds to
Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad: I AM NOT A MORON

Speech at the World Bank Meeting in Hong Kong, September 20, 1997
Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, October 3, 1997.
End of Page Global Speculation Site Map Overview Page
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From the prepared text of the speech by George Soros at the IMF/World Bank meeting in Hongkong, Sept. 21.

Let me start with the obvious. We do live in a global economy. But it is characterized not only by the free movement of goods and services but, above all, by the free movement of ideas and of capital. This applies both to direct investments and to financial transactions. Both have been gaining in importance ever since the end of the Second World War; but the globalization of financial markets, in particular, has accelerated in recent years, until it reached a point where movements in exchange rates, interest rates and stock prices in various countries are intimately interconnected. In this respect, the character of the financial markets has changed out of all recognition during the 40 years that I have been involved in them. So in talking about the global economy, it may be more appropriate to speak about the global capitalist system.

There can be no doubt that global integration has brought tremendous benefits....

But global capitalism is not without its problems. I shall devote most of my speech to these problems, because they are not well understood, and we need to understand them better if we want the system to survive....

Financial markets are inherently unstable and international financial markets even more so. International capital flows are notorious for their boom-bust pattern. During the boom period, capital flows from the center to the periphery; but when confidence is shaken, it has a tendency to return where it came from. During the 40 years I have spent in international financial markets, I have seen many ebbs and flows and booms and busts. I fully recognize that international capital markets have become much more institutional in character and demonstrate much greater resilience, but I cannot believe that the present boom will not be followed by a bust until history has proven me wrong.

This risk of a breakdown is greatly increased by the fact that our theoretical understanding of how financial markets operate is fundamentally flawed. Economic theory has been built on the concept of equilibrium, and in my view, that concept is quite inappropriate. In my view there is no such thing as equilibrium in financial markets because market participants are trying to discount a future which is itself shaped by market expectations. This renders the outcome indeterminate and it is only by accident that the actual course of events will correspond to the prevailing expectations.... I am told that economic theory itself has gone a long way towards recognizing and studying disequilibrium situations. Nevertheless, the laissez-faire idea that markets should be left to their own devices remains very influential. I consider it a dangerous idea. The instability of financial markets can cause serious economic and social dislocations. The question poses itself: What should be done to preserve the stability of the financial system? Dr. Mahathir's suggestion yesterday to ban currency trading is so inappropriate that it does not deserve serious consideration. Interfering with the convertibility of capital at a moment like this is a recipe for disaster. Dr. Mahathir is a menace to his own country.

But the recent turmoil in Asian markets raises some thorny issues about currency pegs, asset bubbles, inadequate banking supervision, and the lack of financial information, which cannot be ignored. Markets cannot be left to correct their own mistakes, because they are liable to overreact and to behave in an indiscriminate fashion. For instance, it is a grave mistake not to discriminate between Malaysia and Indonesia....

Since the end of the Second World War, the state has played an increasing role in maintaining economic stability, ensuring equality of opportunity and providing a social safety net, particularly in the highly industrialized countries of Europe and America. But the capacity of the state to look after the welfare of its citizens has been severely impaired by the globalization of the capitalist system, which allows capital to escape taxation much more easily than labor. Capital will tend to avoid countries where employment is heavily taxed or heavily protected, leading to a rise in unemployment. That is what has happened in Continental Europe. I am not defending the antiquated social security systems on the continent of Europe, which are badly in need of reform; but I am expressing concern about the reduction in welfare services both in Europe and in America....

If social services are cut too far while instability is on the rise, it may well engender popular resentment and lead to a new wave of protectionism both in the United States and in Europe, especially if and when the current boom is followed by a bust of some severity. This could lead to a breakdown in the global capitalist system, just as it did in the 1930s....

I should like to stress one particular aspect of the open society which is of critical importance at the present moment: the freedom of information.

For example, I have been subjected to all kinds of false and vile accusations by Dr. Mahathir. He is using me as a scapegoat to cover up his own failure. He is playing to a domestic audience and he couldn't get away with it if he and his ideas were subject to the discipline of independent media inside Malaysia. The freedom of information is as indispensable in Asia as in the rest of the world.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Laughing Stocks Rally to Historic Peaks

November 10, 2007 is a watershed in Malaysia's political landscape when it saw a "V"ictorious Peoples's Rally of at least 40,000 people gathering under the BERSIH ("clean" in Bahasa Malaysia) banner to demand for fair, free and clean elections. The assembly of peaceful and concerned Malaysians putting aside race, colour or creed or gender successfully braved police warnings and the inclement weather to march to the vicinity of Istana Negara grounds around the appointed time of 3.00pm to about 4.15pm (when the assembly was officially dismissed after the Memorandum had been handed over officially to an Palace official) to support a delegation of leaders headed by PAS, PKR, DAP and BERSIH leaders to hand over a Memorandum for Electoral Reforms to his Royal Highess, the Yang diPertuan Agong.

If there were no Internet, especially the emergent Fifth Estate (Blogosphere), and foreign agencies to cover the historic event, the Malaysian populace would have been hoodwinked by the mainstream media (MSM) in the English language and Government-controlled national news agency BERNAMA and RTM1 and RTM2.

The figures of the people who gathered to show their solidarity cited by these media, including The Star and NST, ran into single digit THOUSAND people only, and therefore is a non-event. I sighted some reports attributed to the Star stating 3,000 or 4,000 participants (Readers, please help me out here as I was too busy surfing tocheck as many news accounts as possible and did not properly C&P the figures...I humbly stand to be corrected.)
(PLease note I am not including the newspapers in the Chinese and Tamil and BM languages here.)

The People's Paper's
editors must be blind that day, and its reporters and photographers must have been blindfolded, because they could not notice large groups of Malaysians crowding around Kuala Lumpur, half of them prominent in Yellow T-shirts displaying BERSIH's objectives, as part of the November 10 Rally. NOT A SINGLE PICTURE anywhere is sighted in the daily. Instead they dutifully trained their eyes and ears on what should have been a page 13 story but played upon page N4,

Thousands at open house

Kuala Lumpur: Despite the heavy downpour, more than 10,000 city folk turned up at the Hari Raya open house hosted by Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique at his Taman Tasik Titiwangsa residence.

(Desi stops at first para -- the rest is laughing stock staff, soon to be listed.)

They also reported on page N8 three Rally-related items, but not a single picture of the POLICE or FEDERAL RESERVE UNIT firing tear-gas and water cannons on the participants gathered by the thousands. As hinted by the headline of the news report at the top of page:

Cops break up march
Teargas and water cannons used on illegal assembly, 245 held

Desi asks a question here of these Fourth Estate buggers -- Didn't they teach you in the newsroom the value of ACTION SHOTS?

Instead there was a large "passive" photo in the middle of same page, captioned Traffic bottleneck: Vehicles trickling through a police roadblock at a section of the print Expressway in Petaling Jaya yesterday (Sunday Star, 11 November, 2007).

And finally who else to be BIG MOUTH mouthing the predictable rubbish befitting a Malaysian DPM -- but he would have been laughed off the stage other than the PWTC and RTM's -- at the bottom of page, headlined:

Najib on why police did not permit gathering


My regular reader "V" then pointed Desi to another equally arresting Minister who raised laughter to a new(s) peak, and Malaysians must thank KL-headquarteed AL-JAZEERA for bringing us prime news entertainment, via:


And BERNAMA followed up with a RATIONALISATION for its overseeing Boss, ZAM, who with Putrajaya's 4th Floor boys, must have impressed their 15th century Fourth Estate mindset to the Star and NST GEICs the "ideal perceptions" to own to play their role to reach new peaks in journalism. Of course their Datuk title helps. And ZAM is an eminent role model as he was once GEIC of Utusan Malaysia, the leading BM and famous UMNO BIG Mouthpiece in Malaysia.

11/11: Zam refutes Al Jazeera's claim police used force on protesters

(Bernama) -- Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin has refuted satellite television station Al Jazeera's claim that police had used force on hundreds of protesters here today.

He told the station that police had tried to disperse the protesters by using water cannons as the gathering was illegal.

"When they refused to disperse, the police allowed them to march to Istana Negara to hand over a memorandum demanding for a clean and fair election.

"The police managed to handle the situation as best they could," he said over the phone in a live interview by Al Jazeera here. He was responding to the illegal assembly organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections or "Bersih" comprising 26 non-governmental organisations and which also involved opposition parties, to hand over the memorandum containing their demands, to Istana Negara.

Asked why Malaysia did not allow such gatherings, Zainuddin said they were unnecessary because general elections had been held without fail in this country and according to the scheduled dates.

The minister also hit out at Al Jazeera for having the wrong perception when posing questions. Al Jazeera reporters had their own perceptions about Malaysia before coming here, he said, adding that "Malaysia is not Myanmar or Pakistan; it is a democratic country".

Zainuddin said many television viewers in Malaysia were laughing at the antics of the Al Jazeera reporter who seemed to be trying to portray the situation as ugly.

"The reporter was seen shouting, so much so the situation seemed unreal to the viewers."He also criticised Al Jazeera for only interviewing journalists known to be pro-opposition but not getting the government's views."

I heard my kopitiam blogger friends and readers saying maybe soon Bursaa Malaysiaa would be listing a new category of shares under "laughing stocks". Minister Zam Zam ala Kazam aka Minister of Propaganda-ganda Wand Anda will flag off par value stocks of RM1 at a special price of RM0.01 to all journalists of his mindset and perception. Malaysian journalists working for Al Jazeera and all foreign wires are not allowed to apply for the new share issues. They don't understand the rationale forlisting laughing stocks.

When the stock market resumes trading on Mondae, it’s anticipated NSTPP and The STarr Pubications would be transferred to the "Laughing Stocks" category as most appropriate to keep the Minister of Propaganda-ganda Wand Anda company:( BERNAMA and RTM are expected to be listed very soon after they confer Tan Sriship on the CEs, and the stocks will rise to great peaks to generate funds for the BN to finance their leaders ERECTIONS.

posted by desiderata



stocked cuntries in the w.w.w!





And from a fellow BUMmer who brought the Day forward by two short weeks, courtesy of Hornbill Unmasked:)~~~~


March 16, 2015

Always April Fools

Filed under: Politics — Hornbill Unleashed @ 8:00 AM 
Though there are still two weeks to go before April 1, we might as well follow the lead of Malaysia’s clownishly criminal ever-ruling regime and celebrate Hari April Fool in advance.
Or indeed every day, in light of the fact that the members, cronies and sycophants of Umno/BN have been making very bad jokes at the expense of the Malaysian people day in, day out for decades.
And now that less and less people are seeing the funny side of this rank regime’s pernicious pranks, it seems hell-bent on laughing in Malaysians’ faces more insultingly than ever.
As evidenced, for example, by its timing of the launch of its goods and services tax (GST) for this April Fools’ Day, as if to make a point of what a jolly jape it is to make every Malaysian pay compensation for the countless billions stolen from the nation’s coffers by Umno/BN.
And of course it’s not just the timing that makes the GST such a joke, but also the amazing jumble of goods and services that are zero-rated or exempted altogether in favour of special-interest groups related to or supportive of the regime.
But the GST, or, in other words, the graft and stealing tax, is far from the only piece of funny business this ludicrous regime is entertaining Malaysians and the rest of the world with in the lead-up to this April Fools’ Day.
In fact the list of current Umno/BN comedy routines is almost endless in both number and duration. One of the longest-running, for example, is what could, as long as we’re so close to 1 April, be appropriately called Altantuya Fools’ Day or more accurately eight years of days, a production so ridiculous it would have had us all dying laughing by now if it wasn’t so tragic.
Then, in much the same vein, there’s the latest of a whole series of Anwar Fools’ Days, complete with a road-show featuring rib- or rather nipple-tickling public appearances by one of Umno/BN’s troupe of performing legal jesters, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah (left), under the auspices of the laughably useless and increasingly youthless Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin.
But the Shafee/Khairy show, as hilarious or even hilarious as it may have been, wasn’t nearly such a hoot as the more recent Anwar Ibrahim-related farce enacted for a global audience by the Umno/BN cyber-comedians who got sprung by the White Housetrying to fake public opposition to a John Malott-inspired pro-Anwar petition to the US president.
The very same president, of course, who must have been far from amused at Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s recent attempts to use him as a straight-man in his comical attempt to fool the Malaysian audience that his so-called ‘golfing diplomacy’ in Hawaii took precedence over the floods back home.
Speaking of Najib, the man who has arguably done more to caricature himself as the very personification of a crooked politician and make Malaysia an international laughing-stock than anybody but the supreme sultan of sarcastic self-satire, Dr Mahathir, he’s always good for a droll one-liner.
Unintentionally droll, unfortunately, as he clearly has not a shred of wit or the sense of humour.
Dead-pan comedy classics
Though somehow that makes him all the funnier when he comes up with such dead-pan comedy classics as ‘making Malaysia the world’s best democracy’, ‘zero tolerance of corruption’, ‘kangkung economics’ and ‘RM1 chickens’, or more contemporary zingers like‘inheritance’ in explanation of his wealth and “rubbish” in response to calls from Malaysiakini for his comments on the Altantuya case.
Of course his consort, Rosmah Mansor, is always good for a belly laugh too, as Malaysia’s iconic cartoonist Zunar never tires of observing. Rosmah’s claim that she was able to afford obscenely expensive products because she had “saved up since small” was almost enough to turn April Fools’ into April Jewels Day.
And her more recent quip that the forthcoming joke GST might save her some of the RM1,200she pays for a home-delivered hair dye and snip surely cemented her status as the world’s funniest First Lady.
But as great a giggle as Najib and Rosmah may be, they’ve got some pretty hot competition in the comedy department from a whole gaggle of up-and-coming and supporting acts.
Like the whole cast of relatives, friends and cronies in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) show, from alleged ‘financier’ Jho Low (right in photo), whocan’t see why anyone would think it’s funny as in strange that he or his buddy, Rosmah’s son and Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz, can afford high-end New York real estate, to the members of the Umno/BN regime cabinet, who have collectively given 1MDB a clean bill of health.
Surely Najib is joking, too, in fact experiencing a personal April Fools’ Day, in trying to convince himself that his staging of an ‘investigation’ of his ridiculous 1MDB, by a ‘special taskforce’comprising his compromised attorney-general, Keystone-Kops-style police force and utterly useless Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission (MACC) will placate the Malaysian public, let alone foreign governments and financial regulators.
Certainly there’s no sign that such transparently contrived antics are fooling former prime minister Mahathir, who, let’s face it, should recogniae a massive financial fraud when he sees one, having presided over and escaped liability for literally countless such scams during his own 22 years in office.
But if Najib and his gang’s gags as in jokes aren’t going over too well these days, at least, thanks to Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, himself something of a joke as a result of a letter he wrote to the FBI in support of an allegedly criminal Malaysian gambling identity, Umno/BN’s long-standing gag as in silencer on the mainstream media remains firmly in place.
Thus the regime continues to keep as many Malaysians as possible living in some kind of permanent April Fools’ Day, and as both witlessly amused and unwittingly abused as ever, by such nonsense as Najib’s recent declaration that “I cannot imagine Malaysia without Umno, especially Malays and Muslims.”
“The answer will make Malays destitutes in their own country,” he went on and on at the close of the Perak Umno convention and Umno branches conference 2015 in Ipoh, before concluding by urging the practice of “no longer rigid politics but new politics.”
But lest his listeners imagine he meant the end of Umno/BN corruption or ‘money politics’, he immediately retracted this statement with the words “but this does not mean the old politics cannot be practiced… some politics of development, needed by the people, is the core to the old politics that still needs to be implemented by us.”
In other words, for Najib and his Umnoputras, the vast majority of other Malaysians of every race, creed and condition are just a bunch of April Fools with no choice but to blindly obey regime rules and cough-up the cash for which Umno/BN drools. — DEAN JOHNS

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Can Malaysia's MACC ACT like Hong Kong's ICAC? Ala action like this...

on the 1MDB? LINK: VIA:  

Troubled leaders
A former chief executive of Hong Kong is arrested by anti-graft officials

Oct 10th 2015 | HONG KONG | From the print edition


Donald Tsang denies it all

CHINA’s record of picking leaders in Hong Kong has hardly been glorious. The current chief executive—the third since China regained the territory in 1997—is hugely unpopular. The first one resigned after a public outcry over his plans for a new security bill. Now the second, Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, who was knighted by the British but whose once-widespread support had shrivelled by the time he left office three years ago, faces possible disgrace.

Mr Tsang was arrested on October 5th following a lengthy investigation by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). At a magistrate’s court, where he appeared wearing his trademark bow tie (see picture), two charges were read out to him. The first was that he had failed to declare his rental of a flat in the nearby Chinese city of Shenzhen from a businessman whose applications for broadcast licences were being considered by Hong Kong’s policymakers. The other charge was that Mr Tsang had proposed an architect for a public honour without revealing that the nominee had been hired to work on the flat’s interior design.
In this section

    Almost home
    Troubled leaders


Mr Tsang told reporters after his release on bail that his conscience was “clear” and he was sure that the trial would “exonerate” him (he is next due to appear in court on November 13th). Mr Tsang has long been a target of criticism for his behaviour while in office. He has admitted using tycoons’ yachts and jets for private trips, though he later said that he had paid commercial rates. In 2012, near the end of his term, he survived a vote of no-confidence in the legislature. This outcome was no surprise. He was helped by an electoral system that favours pro-establishment politicians, who form a majority. It was the first such vote since the end of British rule.

The ICAC, which was set up in 1974 to deal with widespread corruption then plaguing Hong Kong, is widely seen as a bellwether of the autonomy that China promised the territory. In December its work resulted in the sentencing of Mr Tsang’s former deputy, Rafael Hui Si-yan, to more than seven years in prison for accepting bribes from a property developer while he was in office. Mr Hui is the highest-ranking Hong Kong official ever jailed. Some commentators have speculated about whether the more than three years it took to investigate Mr Tsang was a sign of political pressure. The ICAC says the process was lengthy because it involved other jurisdictions, presumably meaning China.

When he left office, Mr Tsang’s support ratings were lower even than those of the first post-colonial chief executive, Tung Chee-hwa, at the same point in his career, and considerably lower than those of the last British governor, Chris Patten, when he set sail for home (see chart). But the current chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, was never popular to begin with—not even, particularly, with the central government.

His polls remain dismal. When researchers at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) asked people to rate him on a scale of 0 to 100 in September, Mr Leung’s average score was 39.2. That survey’s director, Robert Chung Ting-yiu, says a score of less than 45 can indicate a credibility crisis.

The poll was conducted a year after a student-led movement known as Occupy Central that paralysed parts of the city for more than 11 weeks. Mr Leung (and more importantly, the central authorities) rejected the demonstrators’ demands for fully free elections when his position is next contested in 2017. If, as expected, Mr Leung stands again, his selection will again be up to a 1,200-strong committee of Hong Kong residents dominated by the Communist Party’s supporters (last time he scraped in with 689 votes).

The mood on campuses remains bitter. On October 5th some 2,000 students and staff at HKU staged a silent protest against what they allege has been political interference in the choice of a senior manager at the university. But Mr Leung can draw some comfort from splits among the democrats. Next month they face their first test at the polls since the Occupy movement, in district elections. Better-funded and disciplined pro-Communist groups are expected to do well.

From the print edition: China

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Deja Vu -- do v v v all come back to a SECOND LIFE on Earth?

Or even a third?

Lately, I have lessened my socio-political writes; was hoping for THAT PERFECT STORM WHICH will end at least some 52% of Malaysian voters' (going by GE13 results)misery. For those 48 % who voted BN/UMNO incessantly despite all their gripes, rantings and cursings, Desi says: CONGRATS! you are rewarded with BRibe1Malaysia being upped from RM500 to RM950. YOu are now anticipating for GE14's raise to RM1,500 eh?

BUt these IGNORAMU(as)SES can't see the forest for the durian runtuh trees -- costs of living since GST APril 1, 2015 have risen for an household by RM2,000 for couple with 2 children to RM4,000 for family with 4 or more dependants. SO the BRIM recipetnts suffer a nett loss of RM2000-950=RM1,050 to RM4,000-950=RM3,050 -- frankly, I PITY YOU< YOu aRsEk FOR IT!

Today is WEDNESDAY, and a childe born this dae is a CHILDE OF WOE> BUt I Wanna to lessen thy woes.

LEt's do some ESCAPADES into movieland, cun?

Yes, I have been watching a SUNDANCE production,  "RECTIFY", MARAthon of SEason 1 (six episodes of 1hour each) lust SAturday from 7PM; repeat of SEASON @ lusting 10hours, and Did I tell you knot DESi was trying toabsorb creative juices to continue his BLOGBuster novel, with deadline next FEbruary, and I am into only Chapter 3! SEason 3 will screen starting this Thursday (TOMORROW) -- you lazy BUMMER, please check the time OK!)

I Believe there's some sort of DEJA VU for viewers if one can identify with any of the myriad of characters in the long story line -- I catch glimpses of myself, composite maybe, in soem of the FICTIONAL PEOple! AUThors, movie makers, producers often diisplay an ending creedit that CHAracters are all fictional, and any resemblance to person/s alive is just CONCIDENTAL. But...methinks they MISASLEad us, scared we the samrlalecks may SUE THEM FOR RM@.6million for borrowing our characteristics! DESi won't be so greedy suing for RM@.6BILLION; hey, 2.6million, even in RUpiah, will do lah for a short holiday a broad.

The protagonist in RECTIFY is released from PRison   after serving 18years on alleged rape-and-murder of a girl he and some buddies from the small town went for an outing. Because of New techonology enabling DNA Testing, the villlian is acquitted because the DNA Found on the victim's belonged to another man. Villain-now-released back into society faces many challenges because while society has moved on 18 years, for the prisoner TIME has STOOD STILL.

I used "deja vu" because to many of us, especially writers stuck at some CROSSROADS not making sense, IT IS DEJA VU feelings rushing in all over again ...YOu hear me? YOu feel DESi?...

Ofttimes, you see it in movies -- LOVE at First Sight, it's that Deja Vu explanation, how two individuals meeting the first time feel they have met each other, in fact, have had that strange "familiar, forgotten feelings" that Tom JOnes sings about, no?

You begin to wonder: Have I been here before, in my previous life, as a runaway emigrant in a foreign land? OR as a tycoon who could afford to fly in my own EXecutive Jet with a my wife (even my mistresses when Wifey is knot looking!?), and because of my "waywardlife" I am now relegated to suffer as a churchmousey writHer?

YOu hear me? YOu tell DEsi!



List of Rectify episodes
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Rectify is an American television drama series created by Ray McKinnon. The series stars Aden Young as Daniel Holden, a man who was convicted and put on death row at the age of 18, for the rape and murder of his childhood sweetheart. When new evidence comes to light, Daniel is released and returns to his family in his old hometown.

The series premiered on SundanceTV on April 22, 2013.[1] On May 1, 2013, SundanceTV ordered a second season of ten episodes,[2] which premiered on June 19, 2014.[3] On August 18, 2014, a third season was ordered by SundanceTV,[4] that premiered on July 9, 2015.[5] Prior to its third season premiere, Rectify was renewed for a fourth season.[6]

As of August 13, 2015, 22 episodes of Rectify have aired, concluding the third season.


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Series overview
Season  Episodes  Originally aired
Season premiere  Season finale
 1  6  April 22, 2013  May 20, 2013
 2  10  June 19, 2014  August 21, 2014
 3  6  July 9, 2015  August 13, 2015
Season 1 (2013)
No. in
series  No. in
season  Title  Directed by  Written by  Original air date
1  1  "Always There"  Keith Gordon  Ray McKinnon  April 22, 2013
Daniel Holden, met by his lawyer Jon Stern, mother Janet, sister Amantha, stepfather Ted, Sr., stepbrother Ted, Jr. ("Teddy"), and Teddy's wife Tawney, leaves a Georgia prison after serving 19 years on death row. New DNA evidence implies that 18-year-old Daniel was either not responsible or not solely responsible for the rape and murder of his 16-year-old girlfriend Hanna, as had been alleged during his trial. State Senator Roland Foulkes, who prosecuted the case, says Daniel hasn't been exonerated and will still be pursued by the law; Foulkes recalls that two witnesses, George and Trey, both testified that they saw Daniel placing flowers atop Hanna's body. Amantha drives Daniel around town, and their younger half-brother Jared tries to bond with Daniel by watching Dazed and Confused with him. A flashback introduces Kerwin, a death row inmate in the cell next to Daniel's. The two inmates had developed a friendship though they could hear but not see one another. Trey and George meet by a river and have a cryptic conversation. After Trey leaves, George shoots himself in the head.
2  2  "Sexual Peeling"  Billy Gierhart  Ray McKinnon  April 22, 2013
Daniel goes to a buffet and a driving range with Teddy, who's nervous about business at the tire store if Daniel comes to work there. Daniel tells him about getting repeatedly gang raped in prison. Jon tries to halt his relationship with Amantha, feeling it's inappropriate, but he fails. At a family barbecue, Jon tells Ted, Sr. that state prosecutors will continue to pursue Daniel.
3  3  "Modern Times"  Nicole Kassell  Teleplay by: Evan Dunsky and Graham Gordy & Michael D. Fuller
Story by: Evan Dunsky  April 29, 2013
Daniel deals with lifestyle changes brought about by two decades of technological development. Senator Foulkes is dressing after a dalliance with Marcy, the waitress from the local diner when she mentions that Amantha is having a sexual relationship with the family's new lawyer, Jon. Rutherford Gaines, Daniel's previous defense lawyer, is revealed to have cancer. Daniel retreats to the attic, where he finds his father's hunting gear, as well as his own walkman and an old mixed tape from Hanna. He later goes to a hybrid skateboard/BMX park with Jared, his half brother. Amantha is in a bar drinking with Jon when a man asks if Daniel is going to live at home; she says she doesn't know. Amantha tells Jon they have to leave the bar and nervously tells him the man is Hanna's brother, Bobby Dean.
4  4  "Plato's Cave"  Jim McKay  Graham Gordy & Michael D. Fuller  May 6, 2013
Daniel gets eyeglasses and goes shopping with Janet at the local Walmart. As they try to leave, an overanxious TV crew approaches them and causes Janet to have a panic attack. At a seminar out of town, a buddy talks to Teddy about getting out of the nickel and dime tire business and doing government contract work. Daniel visits Tawney at her church, where she expresses shock that Daniel did not contemplate the afterlife instead of just preparing for the moment of his death. Daniel runs into a female acquaintance as he is windowshopping at a closed bookstore.
5  5  "Drip, Drip"  Romeo Tirone  Ray McKinnon  May 13, 2013
Daniel has a series of events with a man who gives him a ride. Together they steal goats, go to a pecan grove to admire a statue there, and wrestle. Teddy returns home from a tire convention to the news that Daniel is going to get baptized at Teddy's church. After his baptism, Daniel speaks somewhat incoherently to Tawney about the "goat man" incident before inappropriately asking her if he can kiss her. Teddy confronts Daniel that night at the tire store about coming on to his wife, and tells him to stay away from the both of them. Following Teddy's insulting Daniel under his breath, Daniel suddenly appears behind him and puts him in a chokehold until he passes out.
6  6  "Jacob's Ladder"  Ray McKinnon  Ray McKinnon  May 20, 2013
Teddy awakens from the chokehold on the floor, with his pants around his ankles and coffee grounds on his bare backside. Daniel goes to Amantha's house and asks if they can go to the pecan grove where they used to go with their father. When they arrive, it is shown to be the same area the "goat man" took Daniel to, only there is a different statue there. Daniel admits to Amantha that he does not know what happened the day Hanna died. Daniel's sister tells him he was high on mushrooms at the time of the incident. Trey finds George's body by the river. He takes George's belongings, including George's gun, wallet, and cellphone, and pushes the corpse into the river. A flashback to Daniel's time in prison shows Kerwin getting picked up for his death sentence. Kerwin tells Daniel he knows Daniel didn't kill Hanna. Daniel visits Hanna's grave while listening to the mixtape she made him. Two cars pull up behind him, and several men get out. They beat Daniel, and the leader removes his mask, revealing himself to be Bobby Dean, Hanna's brother. Bobby urinates on Daniel, and the men leave. Later, a barely conscious Daniel is loaded into an ambulance. The season ends with a flashback to Daniel pacing his jail cell, then sitting and curling into the fetal position on his bed while he hears the sounds of Kerwin's empty jail cell next to his being cleaned and made ready for its next occupant.

Season 2 (2014)

No. in
series  No. in
season  Title  Directed by  Written by  Original air date  U.S. viewers
7  1  "Running with the Bull"  Stephen Gyllenhaal  Ray McKinnon  June 19, 2014  0.145[7]
In a flashback, Wendall reveals to Daniel, while masturbating, that he had participated in gang raping Daniel in the shower. In the present day, Daniel is comatose in an Atlanta hospital following his beating, and Bobby Dean returns home to his mother, Judy. Sheriff Daggett insists on pursuing Daniel's attackers, despite the reluctance of his partner Lid Comphrey, and possible backlash from the Paulie community. The comatose Daniel has a dream in which he brings Kerwin to the pecan grove, where the statue has lost its head.
8  2  "Sleeping Giants"  Dennie Gordon  Scott Teems  June 26, 2014  0.118[8]
Daniel's doctor decides it is time to awaken Daniel from his medically induced coma. Teddy has several ideas for increasing the struggling tire shop's revenues, such as renting affordable rims. Ted, Sr., however, rejects these ideas, holding onto the tradition of selling tires. Tawney confesses to Teddy that his suspicions regarding her and Daniel were justified, as Daniel had romantic feelings for her, and Tawney had feelings for Daniel as well. Jon visits Hollis, a client who is on death row and has lost an appeal after DNA test results show he was lying about his innocence. This tarnishes Jon's perfect record for appeals. Sheriff Daggett wants to interview a young boy named Stevie who was an eyewitness to Daniel's beating. Daniel wakes up from his coma in the present to be greeted by his mother.
9  3  "Charlie Darwin"  Stephen Gyllenhaal  Coleman Herbert  July 3, 2014  0.135[9]
When Sheriff Daggett asks Daniel if the man who removed his mask was Bobby Dean, Daniel insists it was a stranger. Teddy still wants to set up a rim rental business in the tire shop and is trying to get Janet to sign the contract, as the store is in her name. However, she quickly dismisses Teddy before he can tell her about it. Daggett visits Bobby Dean in his cell and asks him what he plans to do with his life after prison, before releasing him and implying that in some cultures Bobby feel be indebted to Daniel for letting him go free.
10  4  "Donald the Normal"  David Lowery  Kate Powers & Ray McKinnon  July 10, 2014  0.179[10]
Amantha has second thoughts about moving to Atlanta. To motivate herself to stay in Paulie, she gets a job as a cashier at a strip mall thrift store. Teddy, still feeling hurt by Tawney's confession of her feelings for Daniel, visits Daggett and relates the coffee grounds incident, though he refuses to press charges. Daniel visits Atlanta, where he enjoys his anonymity and speaks with a group of middle aged women at an art gallery and calls himself "Donald". However, this experience is tarnished when a couple in a cafe recognize him and request to take a photograph with him. He complies, but when he refuses their additional request for his autograph, they grow angry, claiming the "wrong man was set free". Daniel returns home and, finding his mother's house empty, immediately sets about tearing the kitchen apart in a misguided effort to begin work on the planned remodel.
11  5  "Act as If"  Andrew Bernstein  Victoria Morrow  July 17, 2014  0.196[11]
Ted, Sr. starts to lose patience with Daniel after the latter destroyed the kitchen. This, in turn, drives a rift between Ted, Sr. and Janet, who demands he be patient with her son. Rutherford Gaines dies. Tawney reveals to Teddy that she may be pregnant. Daniel, searching for a Wedgewood stove to install in the kitchen, arrives at a rummage shop owned by an eccentric old man named Lezley, who recognizes Daniel and invites him to a party. There, Lezley ties himself to Daniel to make sure Daniel doesn't drift off by himself and instead stays near Lezley. He offers Daniel cocaine, and they shoot at CDs, though Daniel is reluctant to handle a shotgun. Lezley also gives Daniel psychedelic mushrooms "for later."
12  6  "Mazel Tov"  Jim McKay  Chad Feehan  July 24, 2014  0.203[11]
A pregnancy test confirms that Tawney is pregnant with Teddy's baby, but she asks him to keep it secret. The Holden-Talbot family gathers for Janet's birthday, though Daniel, still searching for a Wedgewood stove with Lezley, misses most of it. While at the party, Teddy announces Tawney's pregnancy to the family, without her permission. Senator Foulkes pressures Daggett to reveal any pertinent information after Rutherford Gaines' funeral. Giving in, Daggett reveals Teddy's coffee grounds story, which Teddy had told him in confidence. While on 'shrooms at the river, Daniel hears Hanna's voice saying his name.
13  7  "Weird as You"  Sanaa Hamri  Coleman Herbert  July 31, 2014  0.120[12]
The prosecutor prepares to offer Daniel a plea deal that Jon begins to consider. Senator Foulkes and Daggett visit the tire shop to ask Teddy to press charges against Daniel, for the sake of reopening his case and strengthening the prosecution's position. Teddy refuses, knowing it would rip his family apart and claims that he made the story up. After Daniel's 'shroom trip, in which he had visions of Trey and George, Daniel visits Trey. Trey drives him to George's house, in Florida, and claims that Daniel never had intercourse with Hanna that night but says he believes Daniel saw from afar Hanna having sex with Trey and several others. Trey believes George had some personal demons and may have killed Hanna. Trey then goes on to insult Hanna and ridicule Daniel, before Daniel snaps and shoves him against the wall.
14  8  "The Great Destroyer"  Billy Gierhart  Teleplay by: Scott Teems and Ray McKinnon
Story by: Scott Teems  August 7, 2014  0.173[13]
Trey leaves Daniel and his bicycle behind in Florida, so Daniel calls Tawney from a roadside store to pick him up. They discuss their feelings for each other, but Tawney assures him they cannot be together. Daggett talks with the former sheriff about the original case against Daniel, to learn any new information, as Daggett wants to get this right. When Daniel returns home, Jon tells him about the plea deal, which would require Daniel to plead guilty. The family discusses the deal, and Daniel considers taking it, but only if he would not have to serve any more time. Jared visits Teddy's house, stays for dinner, and tells Teddy and Tawney about the plea deal. Jon leaves a voicemail for the District Attorney, rejecting the current plea deal. Daggett meets with Sen. Foulkes and tells him about Daniel's assault of Teddy. In his room, Daniel listens to his confession on tape, while he strangles a homemade dummy made of pillows and blankets.
15  9  "Until You're Blue"  Seith Mann  Victoria Morrow & Scott Teems  August 14, 2014  0.124[14]
While at the doctor's office, Tawney learns she had a miscarriage. Jon tells Daniel that he could be set free, but only if he leaves Paulie and is permanently banished from the state of Georgia except for one county. At home, Tawney tells Teddy of the miscarriage, and Teddy worries about Tawney's lack of emotion. Ted, Sr. visits Sen. Foulkes and warns him to never speak with his family again. In a flashback to death row, Chaplain Charlie reads Daniel a letter addressed to him, from Amantha. In the present, Daniel tells Amantha of the banishment clause, but he is unsure he will take the deal. While trying to tell his mother about it, he simply states he can't live at home anymore. Teddy confronts Tawney about her calm way of dealing with the miscarriage and accuses her of never having wanted to have a baby with him. Teddy tells her she's free now to be with Daniel, and: "Maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe he'll kill you, too. Put you out of your misery." Crying, Tawney leaves. Teddy, frustrated with multiple customers who are not paying their rim rental bills, drives to one of their homes to try and repossess the rims himself. However, he ends up in a fight with the customer. Tawney checks into a motel, where she calls Daniel. When Daniel arrives, she asks him if he's a bad person, and he responds, "Yes".
16  10  "Unhinged"  Stephen Gyllenhaal  Ray McKinnon & Kate Powers  August 21, 2014  0.165[15]
At the motel, Daniel tells Tawney he's leaving Paulie; she states she's leaving, too. He also tells her about his assault of Teddy, and that Teddy didn't deserve it. Teddy visits Janet, who coaxes him to telling her of Tawney's miscarriage. Sen. Foulkes tells D.A. Pearson to arrange a debriefing, where Daniel will have to verbally confess to having murdered Hanna. Daggett goes to Florida in search of George and views security footage of Trey and Daniel. In a flashback to death row, Daniel is visited by Amantha, who tells him Justice Row's "all in", is sending a new lawyer, and will get him freed. In the present, Amantha and Jon discuss their relationship, and she encourages him to take the job he was offered in Boston, but she won't join him. Ted, Sr. confronts Daniel about his assault of Teddy, and Daniel tells Janet he wants to take the plea deal and will have to leave Georgia. Amantha tells Daniel he's a coward, and she will distance herself if he confesses to killing Hanna if he didn't do it. Tawney goes home, where she tells Teddy she's sorry for what Daniel did to him and that she needs time. She leaves with a suitcase. In the debriefing, Daniel says he did not rape Hanna and claims that his original confession was coerced. Daniel ignores Jon's advice to go to trial and later confesses to strangling Hanna. Daniel and Jon wait for the judge's decision on the plea. Meanwhile, kids playing by the river discover George's body. Bobby Dean discovers Jared in Hanna's bedroom. The sheriff orders a test on Trey's DNA and that found on cigarette butts in George's house. Teddy goes to the sheriff's station to see if it's too late to press charges against Daniel.

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directed by Ray McKinnon (Sons of Anarchy), starring Aden Young (I, Frankenstein), Abigail Spencer (True Detective), and more...
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Friday, October 16, 2015

A Few More GOoD MEn like Saifuddin Please -- CONTrast with Rascally MPs in Vanuatu!

THe following subject has been consistently independent minded even when he was a deputy Minister but GOOD poeple like him seemed to lose in the GE13 -- could it be due to SABOTAGE FRom within?

I'm glad he knew his days with UMNO are over, and PKR IS the winner! CAn do with more folks like him!

Saifuddin joins PKR
Posted on 15 October 2015 - 01:55pm
Last updated on 15 October 2015 - 09:30pm
Amar Shah Mohsen

PETALING JAYA: Former Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah today joined Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).
Saifuddin said he joined PKR because of the way Umno has been handling the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal and the RM2.6 billion allegedly transferred into the prime minister's personal bank account.
Saifuddin added that despite being with Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) for some time, he failed to see them discussing matters of political change and institutional reforms in a comprehensive and substantial manner.
"That is why I think I don't fit with them anymore, and that is why I feel the need to be together with the coalition of minds here (PKR), which shares the same ideology as me," he told a press conference at PKR headquarters.
The former Higher Education deputy minister said joining PKR was also the right thing to do, to be in line with his ideology of fighting for the rakyat.
"I consider this decision (of joining PKR) as a big one for a small person like me, in moving towards real change.
"I joined politics with a clear intention and idealism with an objective far higher than for my own good and the party. But to build a better Malaysia for the people," he said.
On why he opted for PKR over the other opposition parties, Saifuddin said: "Even though other parties have done an equally good job, my heart just hooked on to PKR."
The Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) chief executive officer said he will also tender his resignation from the think tank after his chairman gets back from overseas.
In making the announcement, party president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said Saifuddin's arrival will strengthen PKR and Pakatan Harapan's position in fighting for the freedom and rights of the rakyat.
On what role former Temerloh MP will be playing in PKR and Pakatan Harapan, Wan Azizah said: "He has many roles to play. We will tap into his talent, especially with youths. We will also discuss what post he will have here."
Meanwhile, PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli said he had always felt Saifuddin "was more PKR than PKR themselves", and it was only a matter of time before he joined them.
"I always joked that when he goes back home, under his pillow, he has PKR's membership form, but I don't know when he's going to fill that in. Finally he has made that decision," he said.


AS I HAve often writ the past almost one year since 1MDB constantly made news headlines, not just locally, but occasionally in WORLD News, especially American and INTernational TV CHannels like CNN< BBC And ALJazeera,MALYSIA DESERVES TO{P RANKINGS IN WORLD STOCKS< under a new category of "LAUGhing STocks".

NOw Little-know VANUATU IS trying to give MAlaysia's CEO ANd cronies some CO(N)MPETITION!



Vanuatu's acting leader pardons himself from bribery charges

SYDNEY: South Pacific Ocean nation Vanuatu's President Baldwin Lonsdale said he was "deeply sorry" and vowed to clean up the government after the country's acting leader pardoned himself and 13 other parliamentarians on bribery convictions, media reports said.
Parliamentary speaker Marcellino Pipite reportedly issued the pardon as acting president on Sunday, while Lonsdale was overseas in Samoa, after the 14 were convicted for bribery by the Supreme Court on Friday.
Pipite said he had done it out of the national interest rather than for personal benefit, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.
"I decide to make such orders to maintain the peace, unity in this country," he said.
Lonsdale, who was reportedly visibly shaken when he addressed the nation on Monday after he returned on Sunday, said "no one is above the law" and called Pipite's actions unlawful.
"There exists a backyard ... which needs to be cleaned," Lonsdale said, Vanuatu's Daily Post reported.
"I am considering my options as to how to clean up the mess after consulting with state law office.
"Vanuatu's credibility has been tarnished throughout the world, and as head of state, I am deeply sorry to see this because national leaders have contributed significantly to it."
The Supreme Court said payments of 35 million vat (RM1.32 million) in total had been made by Deputy Prime Minister Moana Carcasses to other MPs last year while they were all in opposition, the ABC reported.
The Pacific archipelago is still recovering from a deadly category five storm in March that destroyed homes and crops and contaminated water supplies. — AFP DESIDERATA: With the current BN/UMNO Leaders and appointees to high office behaving ala VANUATU Speaker's way, it is there are/were a few GOOD UMNO LEADERS who still win my respect. I may be a pro-Reformasi writer from the beginning of blogging days ten years ago, but when BN Leaders were acting with principles and CONSCIENCE, I have saluted them in this blog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


DESI Prays she redeems her HONOUR -- and her SOUL --within the next six months before her term at BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA expires NEXT APRIL.

from donplaypuks, EXTRACT FROM his latest post titled



The World Anthem




by after the horse has bolted, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for CYA affairs

To buy the book 'Murdered in Malaysia:The Altantuya Story', the a-z of the Altantuya killing that exposes PM Najib and Rosmah's complicity, CLICK HERE.

It was Sarawak Report that first broke the news early this year that 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Board) had misled BNM over the US$1.83 billion (about RM5.5 billion) that it first said was in assets, then in cash and then in unidentified and mysterious "units".

The fraud committed at 1GDB over misuse, CBT (Criminal Breach of Trust), thievery and outright fraud from its RM46 billion borrowings (now reduced to RM42 billion with MOF taking over RM4 billion in loans and investment losses from KWAP) all took place between 2009 and 2014.


Bur perhaps the clearest indication that BNM and Yeti are covering-up a lot more of billion ringgit thievery committed by Najib and his government of thieves, is the answer she gave when asked last month whether AMMB had notified BNM and been given approval for that infamous RM2.6 billion deposited in Najib's bank account. 

Her answer was that she was "looking into it".

Looking into it? Looking into an event that took place in 2013 and the answer to which is either "yes' or "no", and about which another BNM lackey, running dog officer told us that BNM could not investigate deposits into personal ban accounts?

Don't take the public for fools Yeti! Surely, it's not everyday RM2.6 billion gets deposited into a prime minister's personal bank account. It has NEVER happened before in Malaysian history, and yet you dare give us half-assed and dishonest answers. You call yourself a faithful Muslim? Surely, you did not buy Najib's lie that it was a donation? 

This one incident shows us that:

1. Either AMMB broke the law and illegally did not inform BNM about possible corruption and/or money-laundering by PM Najib. 


2. AMMB did inform BNM and Yeti chose to close an eye and  covered up for Najib, thinking that no one would ever find out about it. 

Either way, Yeti was covering up for her and BNM's partisanship and complicity.

And this brings us to the crux of the matter. 

It is very, very obvious that BNM and Yeti are fully aware of all the big sums of money-laundering that have taken place in Malaysia over the last 10 years at least, and have chosen to keep quiet about it due to misplaced loyalty to crooks like the serially lying Najib, his government of thieves, BUMNO/SCUMNO and their cronies. They may even have aided and abetted in some of these criminal acts of plundering and looting, no doubt emboldened by the arrogance that comes with almost absolute power in a country where transparency and accountability have become dirty words.

In the final analysis, Yeti's CYA disclosure that she had asked the AG to prosecute 1GDB for being economical with the truth (read as blatant lying), comes after the horse has bolted. Coming as it does after BNM had approved 1GDB's lie in December 2014, and been contradicted in March 2015 by Sarawak Report's brilliant investigative journalism, it makes Yeti look like the southern view of a north-bound donkey!

Nothing will persuade AG Apandi, the latest in a long list of Najib's lackeys and running dogs, to back-track on his decision that there was no case for 1GDB to answer.

Yeti (and her aides at BNM too) has without a shadow of a doubt failed in  her duty to the Rakyat to, failed to protect us from the evil and plain dishonesty of PM Najib and his government of thieves.

But, is that it? Yeti to be consigned to the footnotes of history?

No, I think Yeti can redeem herself in the eyes of the public. She has to come clean.

For starters, she should reveal all the money-laundering acts committed by PM Najib and his wife Rosmah (RM2 million was also banked into her  personal account) since he became prime minister in 2009. That would be the straw that broke Najib's back. She owes this duty to the Rakyat for all the years of incompetency and shirking that has bedevilled all our public institutions for a good 30 years. She owes us that much at the very least.

She has nothing to lose. She has more than enough wealth to live through another lifetime in complete comfort if Najib dares to sack her. Her sagging and totally deflated esteem will receive a boost if Najib and his Mafia continue making insinuations and go after her husband and children for alleged "corruption" - CLICK HERE - .

So, Yeti, do you have the balls to do what is morally and ethically right, never mind the mindless laws promoted by a government of thieves?

Or, will you continue with your disgraceful and shameful cover-your-ass acts and cover-up for that serially lying PM Najib and his government of thieves, while Malaysia burns? 


DESIDERATA: DEAr ER, now be a GOOD man/woman, please surf to mGF ES SHANKAR's blog to read the above IN FULL, PLUS AN eralier post, with following EXTRACT:~~~



by alan bernanke yellen , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for abominable yeti affairs
On Thursday 13th August, the last bastion of justice that many thought could be relied upon to save us from PM Grossmajib and his government of thieves, fell with a resounding crash. 
Online comments posted at Mkini, Malaysian Insider, FMT and Malaysia Chronicles reflected the outrage that thousands of citizens felt. They cursed and swore as they never did before.
We knew that we could not rely upon the Executive, Legislative or Judicial arms of government to expose the massive corruption, thievery and fraud by the government under PM Grossmajib, and pressure him to resign from office immediately. 
We now know that the Attorney General, Chief of Police, Chief Justice and Judges and the Central Bank, WILL NOT lift a finger to deliver justice as opposed to merely going by the letter of the statutes and laws.
I have said it before and I will say it again. The law, no matter what it says, cannot, shall not, be used to conceal a massive crime and protect the perpetrators. There is not one set of laws for the ordinary citizens and another when it comes to prime ministers and the ruling class.
Remember, we the PEOPLE, empower the Executive to administer the country, by voting at the elections. And we can just as easily take that empowerment away when there is CBT, corruption, fraud, looting and plundering by the Executive class, on a pandemic scale!
And, we do not have to wait till the next elections to unseat PM Grossmajib, as pathetically and imbecilically argued by him. When your house is on fire, will you wait for the fire engine, knowing in your heart of hearts that it will never arrive and that your house will be burnt to cinders, or, try and douse the conflagration out, with the help of your neighbours and friends?
I am of course talking about the lately silent and missing-in-inaction Central Bank Chairman, the Abominal Yeti, who passed the buck about the Task Farce supposedly investigating allegations of financial misfeasance at 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Bunkum) over its $46 billion debt and $51 billion assets, and by PM Grossmajib over $2.6 billion TT'd by "brotherly Arabs" from abroad into his personal bank account in Malaysia, in 2013.
Abominal Yeti claimed that she had been filing reports about 1GDB's money movements for over 2 years, and that the ball was now in the Attorney General's court.